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Alright, while the first thread hasn't actually been finished yet there are a few things that I'd like to discuss. The main one being whether to have Sunset Shimmer stay in the library like Twilight, or have her stay in an officially designated house like Trixie from the Lunaverse.

And while we're on about housing, where should we house Lightning Dust, in Cloudsdale or in Ponyville? I'm leaning towards Ponyville myself because Cloudsdale would probably be a bit of a commute, and I'd rather not have her live in a cloud house like Dash. Also on the subject of Lightning Dust should we have her related to anypony else, be it in or out of Ponyville?

One last thing, should Sparkler be a friend of Ditzy or should she be the sister of Ditzy's late husband?

Maybe we should decide what role / job the various characters actually play before deciding where they live.

I take it SS will be Celestia's pupil in this? Is she supposed to be primarily studying friendship like Twilight or does she have another role in town, studying the Everfree, practicing her magic, rehabilitating Luna, etc. I don't see her as being quite so nerdy as Twilight so the librarian job might not fit, although that might be the point, she's made a librarian and doesn't like it.

For LD, I'd go with Ponyville just to make it easier for the character to be on hand for stories, unless she moves to Ponyville during the stories. Maybe she lives on the ground because she lives with a non Pegasus relative / friend, maybe a sibling or grandparent she's looking after?

Well I've not seen the idea of Sparker being Ditzy's sister in law before so that might be something to investigate.

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3680712 Sunset is Celestia's pupil, and like in the show she's sent to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration. After that I'm not completely sure exactly what role she'd take on in Ponyville. Lightning Dust would be part of the weather team, Ditzy would be a mailmare, Cheerilee is the schoolteacher, Redheart is a nurse, and Trixie was a traveling magician who had come to Ponyville so she could perform during the SSC but decided to settle down after the whole Elements of Harmony thing.


So would the first story just be a retread of the series opener just with different characters because I think we may be missing a chance to shake things up a little.

How about: -

Equestria is under attack by Sombra and his crystal hordes (including Cadence his queen) Celestia is holding them off but can't do so her ever. She needs the elements, but they're needed to keep Nightmare moon at bay, Celestia gambles that even in her maddened state her sister will help her protect Equestria and so sends a team of the best and brightest to the Castle of the Pony sisters to get the elements and thus free the Nightmare.

The team contains her personal student, Shining armour, Rainbow Dash (the head of the wonderbolts), and other great and powerful ponies. They gather in Ponyville to prepare for their mission, here there meet a few of the locals, Rainbow’s perpetually in her shadow younger half sister Lightning Dust, a spiky local nurse, etc. Although most of the team look down on these misfits Sunset bonds with them a bit.

The team sets off but can't get to the elements because despite being powerful, they can't work together. They make their way through the various guardians by sheer power but can’t get the elements to work and free Nightmare who sends them packing then shatters Sombra’s forces but then turns on her weakened sister, only the power of the elements can stop her.

Sunset tries to head back to the castle to try the elements again but finds she’s being followed by the aforementioned misfits. This time the trip is much harder but they bond and find they can use the elements. They turn them on Nightmare and the recovered Sombra weakening but not destroying either, both enemies retreat to lick their wounds.

The rest of the series start her…

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1. This story is completely ridiculous.
2. That has little to nothing to do with the Shimmerverse, it's a universe in it's own right.
3. I would like to see this done.

Also it would, in a way, be a retread of the first two episodes, but at the same time different. The really interesting episodes happen afterwards, when we can pretty much make whatever we want happen.

3682082 Quite right. And, speaking of the latter, I DO have a thread open for future story brain-storming, as well as one for discussing the canon Mane 6's positions in this universe.

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