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What if America from the Movie franchise Independence Day suddenly teleported into the MLP world? It's the aftermath of the War of 2016, The country just finished killing off the Harvesters with the help of the sphere and the other aliens, suddenly during mid-reconstruction a giant light appears out of nowhere, People panic, President Adams declaring Martial Law, what would happen next?

Name: United States of America
Population: around 235 million

President: Joshua T. Adams

Date of teleportation: January 1, 2020

Military personnel plus reserves, plus What remains of Earth Space Defense:
2.30 million American Army and 5.1 million Earth Space Defense

Language: English

Geography: middle of a gigantic ocean with Equestria nearby and other nations further apart

Climate: It became alot colder then normal
Alaska: -1 to -16 degrees Fahrenheit
Western United States including Hawaii: 40 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit
Midwest United States: 76 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit
Northern United States: 60 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit
Southern United States: 59 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit
Puerto Rico and US Virgin island: 68 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit

Hmm... they would of course be jumpy meeting sapient talking horses and animals. Until they realize they have no alligence with the harvesters.

Then they probably get along fine and help them prepare against the harvesters if they ever come

True, My head is filled with scenarios! I think we can agree that they would lose power for a few days until they got it working again, and from that I'm blank

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3
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