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This group is meant for posting crossovers with the TV series Heroes. If you haven't heard of it. it's on netflix watch instantly. I love the show, and that's why I made this group.

The stories will be split up into three main story folders.

Folder 1: Heroes characters in Equestria

As you can probably guess, this is just for stories with the characters in Equestria. Nothing special really.

Folder 2: Heroes as ponies

This is meant for stories that are loosely based on the show. It doesn't have any of the shows characters, but it follows the same concept of ponies with strange abilities.

Folder 3: MLP characters in the Heroes world

This is for MLP characters in the Heroes world (Obviously), but they don't have to be anthro or human.

Well those are the three folders for this group. Pick whichever your story fits the most. Personally folder 2 type stories are my favorite.

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414960 can't blame them for posting stories about any kind of heroes. maybe we just need to enlighten them. I'll think on it and see what I come up with.

403779 To be honest, I'm not even sure why I made this group. But I'm glad some people got some use out of it. lol
Looking through the whopping two stories posted in this group, seems like people misunderstood what this group was for.

I honestly didn't expect to find a Heroes group, but here I am. Hopefully, with Heroes Reborn, this group will see more peeps.

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