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eyyyy...if anyone is still around I thought I'd go ahead and recommend an anime this season. I don't usually keep up with anime seasons anymore but I watch shows that catch my attention from time to time.

anyway my rec for anime of the season this season is Flying Witch. it's a...just...peaceful sort of slice of life anime. Think Aria, Barakamon, Kiki's, Mushishi (although I haven't actually watched Mushishi lol). it has a similar feel to those animes imo.

anyway it's about a young girl that is training to become a witch. actually, similar to Kiki's plot it's about upholding the witch tradition to leave home at a young age. She moves to the Japanese countryside and lives with her cousins. thats a basic rundown of the plot. most of the episodes consist of... well true to slice of life format... just everyday life...but with witchy things.

so... some strong points about this anime besides it's peaceful lovely vibe. I'd like to point out that there scenery in this anime is drawn beautifully... like right from the get go the first thing I noticed about it was how stunning the environments looked. next i'd life to point out the music. it's actually very rare for an anime's background music to stand out to me but I absolutely adore the score to Flying Witch (and also I absolutely LOVE the opening song... j never skip it). it's got a...folky(?) vibe to it. it accompanies the anime well and manages to stand out without being distracting.

anyway hands down my anime of the season this season. if anyone wants to rec some anime this season please feel free.

so I'm also watching a few other animes this season but nothing id recommend tbh...I'll talk about them in short form

Luluco is actually a really good anime but the episodes are only like 5 minutes. but, hey, it's trigger so you really can't go wrong.

Bakuon... actually showed promise as a moe-blob slice of life but there fan service is really taking me out of it.

Tanaka-kun is always listless, this anime is pretty refreshing and peaceful too...probably my #2 this season

Sakamoto desu ga, I like this anime I really do but honestly it's probably the least favorite of the animes I'm keeping up with currently.

oh yeah I almost forgot... netoge... dumb boring cookie cutter anime... I might watch the rest but I'll probably drop

also I've been meaning to check out Kiznaiver (because trigger...) but I haven't gotten around to it, rip.

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Flying Witch, eh? I've never heard of it before, but I guess I'll give it a try if you recommend it. I haven't really been paying much attention to new anime recently anyway (just rewatching older shows that I like).

And by the way, Mushishi is pretty different to Aria and Kiki. It's more like an episodic drama show with the supernatural elements representing the characters' personal problems that they need to overcome (a bit like Bakemonogatari in that sense), but the heavy emphasis on spirituality and nature makes it somewhat relaxing too. There's a recommendation from me in turn :P

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ohhh! yeah I think youd like it. let me know what you think!

tbh with anime the way it is we're lucky to even have one or two good shows per season...I usually don't keep up with the seasons but I see a current show pop up on my blog dashboard every now and again that catches my interest.

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