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Idea- crossover with dragonfable ( ) it starts with a legend about the two boxes, the white box holds the dragon destined to save the world, the black box hold the dragon destined to destroy the world.

Now an un-named hero finds the black box and the dragon egg inside. Years after the dragon’s grown, they fight a great battle with the dragolich( the undead version of the world saving dragon) both dragon’s die and there souls vanish..

Now in Equestria years later..spike is having his next birthday with all his friends, when rarity gives spike a odd amulet she found in the forest (dragon amulet from game). When spike hold the amulet he passes out.

Basically it is spike trying to find out who he is. he is not sure if he is the dragon of light or the dragon of shadows but he knows one of the destinies is still going to happen, only to Equestria now.

Let me know if this is a good idea or not…also if you know dragon fable you should try this.

2595454 Will you explain in your story where the boxes come from and what the purpose to saving/destroying world is?

Also, does amulet change spike in any way or does it only give him a vision? Why would spike want Equestria destroyed? Obviously he would chose to be a dragon of light in order to save it. Unless it's out of his claws?

2595985 oh sorry about that :twilightblush: basically the boxes and the dragons were created. the darkness dragon by the elemental realm of darkness and the light from the elemental realm of light. see the two realm use the mortal world like a battle feild in a war to control the mortal realm. so they made super dragons to help in the war.

now the amulet gives spike visions, but it 'connects' with spike so say twilight or a pony had the amulet they could eventually figure out that the amulet can make a baby dragon grow to its adult form but still retain its young mind.

See the dragon of darkness is destined to destroy the world but destiny is not written in stone in the game's logic. so in the game the un-named hero with the amulet keeps the dragon from succumbing to his built in need to destory. so the writier can have it that as long as someone good was the amulet skipe won't want to destroy anything.

Now here is the tricky part.. the dragolich's soul is in Equestria too and it has a need to fight the dark some how the dragolich needs to get involved.

2596397 It sounds like a very interesting story. It could probably be be published as a stand alone novel if done right. The one problem I have with it is, that it's not very canon based to be a fanFic. It's mostly about Spike and Ponies aren't that involved in it. Unless you make them involved, then I find nothing wrong with it.

2596518 well this idea is up for grabs...kind of got alot on my plate..

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