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A group for all the bronies who like to skydive. Happy falling!

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339784 Well it is 18, but if you just buy your own chute and go on your own, you only have to be 16. Really though it is 18.

Yeah. I thought it was eighteen to skydive here; glad to hear otherwise.

339739 Technically you can go when you're sixteen. But you're around 17-18 right?

Nice! I hope to get my license during college, or during a summer break. Unfortunately, because of age restrictions, all my skydiving has been outside the US... :applejackunsure:

339658 Hell YEAH!! I just got into it a few months ago. Working on getting my A licence. 5 Jumps so far.

Did it for the first time in Mexico about two years ago. It was awesome!

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