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Hey everyone! This group looks a little dead but hopefully this'll liven it up a bit.

I wrote a Twilight x Zecora fic, "The Other Side (Twicora)" and went ahead and put it in the Romance folder. I hope you all like it, it's about Twilight being summoned to the Everfree by a river. Zecroa teaches her Zebrican magic to help her get to the other side. There's also a good amount of world-building, not so much with Zebrica but with Zebrican magic and MLP lore in general.

I hope you all like it! There are two chapters up right now, and more are coming. I have them written and revised, pretty much everything is done except for the Epilogue. So the rest of the story should be up soon!

Hope you enjoy it, nice to see there's still a few twicora shippers around haha :D

yep. gotta love interspecies shippings though =3

Yeah totally. :D I want to write something with a donkey somewhere down the line, and it would be cool to explore deer and other ungulates a bit more.
I didn't really play up the race difference between them in this fic that much, but one of the sequal ideas rumbling around the back of my head has them going to Zebrica at one point. (Where they could meet antelope!)

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