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Hello Everypony.  Been awhile since I’ve last posted on any forums, but this was something I thought might be interesting to bring up for discussion.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of Disney (who isn’t?) and as such I’ve gathered a great amount of information on the subject over the course of several years.  If there’s anything I love more than blooper reels in movies, it’s deleted scenes, sometimes even deleted songs which is where this comes into play.  Anyone who knows about the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove would probably be able to tell you that the finished product is very different from where it started out.  Originally titled Kingdom Of The Sun, it was meant to be a twist on the classic story The Prince And The Pauper and a song originally written for the story to be sung by Eartha Kitt’s Yzma called Snuff Out The Light has gained massive popularity over the past several years. The video of which can be found below.

Snuff Out The Light

The song centers around Yzma trying to destroy the Sun by summoning an evil god named Supai because she believes the Sun is what’s causing her to age.  After listening to this song several times, I couldn’t help but wonder what would Princesses Celestia and Luna think of this song.  Honestly, looking at the lyrics actually got me thinking about how Yzma’s plan to blot out the Sun was semi similar to Luna’s plans for eternal night as Nightmare Moon.  Some of the differences being that Yzma’s plans are for retaining youth while Nightmare Moon’s plans were for getting the praise she felt had been denied her by the ponies who basked in Celestia’s daylight.  But what’re your guys’ thoughts about this song and the princesses views on it?

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