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Merry Christmas! Okay now in all seriousness I'm here to talk about an upcoming project that I'm going to work on in the near future hopeful. The project is going to be a live action web series, it's going to be a about Santa Claus as a superhero and before your minds go to the Rise of the Guardians, this is going to be an original idea of my and it's going to be about young man who is chosen to be the new Santa Claus of the present and on the path to becoming Santa Claus is full surprises and horror this is going to be a wild ride for him. I'm also going to be playing the main character. Also in this show you can expect some other holiday icons to appear as well as some other childhood characters, like maybe the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or even Dracula, almost anyone who can think of could appear.

Okay I'm still coming up with ideas at the moment and I'm waiting for my birthday because I'm getting a laptop. But I'm also looking for some writers as well, Nocturnis Comics is going to be writing an episode or two of the show. This is going to be put on Patreon a week before it's put on YouTube. Also if you want to be in it I live in Oklahoma so if you want in the show send me a PM. I also need a film crew. But I'm going to be the editor and director for some episodes. Also if any of you want to help me with this and you want money you would have to wait till after the episodes appear on Patreon. Also if you know anyone who would like to be in this please tell them, if they are a Brony they can PM on here and if they aren't a Brony they can find me on Facebook but you have to PM so I'll tell you where they can find me on there.

You can also find me on Fanfiction my name on there is Darth Gonzo.

4659118 Its chrismas in july silly :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

4659135 Well it's not July.

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