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Big Bygones in Little Saigon: Super Trampoline vs. Apache Attack Helicopter AGNI KAI OF THE CENTURY!!!

AGNI KAI OF THE CENTURY! Facing off with foam weapons are Super "I Write Shitty Fanfiction" Trampoline and Apache "Don't Call Me Justin" Attack Helicopter. Four minutes of whacking each other with foam weapons, this is not a fight you will want to miss! It's all going down at 4 PM at Garden Grove Park this Saturday! Be there, or be a loser! That choice is yours!

SoCal Bronies Event Page

Nothing ever happens in Ventura county.... :raritydespair:

And the events in LA and Orange counties seem always to happen in the second half of my pay period, after I have spent most of my money. :ajsleepy:

I mean, i just went to San Diego last Saturday, watched the Padres lose to the Diamondbacks.

Passed right by Westminster.

This Saturday, though, I am down to ~$50

5447884 I know there is a Ventura county Bronies Facebook group. But yeah you guys are out on the edge of SoCal.

The West edge, sure, but we got Santa Barbara between us and the northern edge of Southern California. Heck, depending on who you ask, we also have San Luis Obispo between us and the boundary!

I know, a silly protest to make. But still!

Wiki: Southern California
Google: Southern California

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