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Group Admin

Naturally, as an organized group here on FiMFiction there will be a number of rules for users to follow. The list will be relatively short. Nevertheless, we need to lay a few guidelines so that all current and future members maintain a happy, healthy experience within the group. We would appreciate all members taking the time to read these.

Forum Rules:
1. Treat your fellow members with respect and patience. This group was founded to be a friendly environment for cyberpunk enthusiasts, and there is no reason it shouldn't be.
2. The admins will not, under any circumstances, NOT tolerate abuse toward fellow members based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, etc.
3. Spam comments will be deleted.
4. It's okay to debate ideas, in fact in a group dedicated to cyberpunk I'm expecting such discussions to occur every now and then, just be sure to keep it friendly.
5. Do not use the forums to promote fanfiction. They'll gain whatever attention they will through folder submissions. You may link fanfiction in your posts if it is relevant to the discussion, but don't start a thread in an attempt to advertise a fic, whether it's yours or some other user's.
These rules will apply to main page comments by extension.

Ban Policy:
We will be implementing a basic "three strikes" policy, in which users will be allowed three offenses before being issued a permanent ban. On first offense, a user will be issued a warning and a 24 hour (1 day) ban from the group. On second offense, the user will be issued another warning along with a 72 hour (3 day) ban from the group. Third offense will result in a permanent ban. Administrators are required to send users a message stating why they are being banned after each offense, and users may make their case in private conversation.

As for submission rules, our only guideline is that any work being submitted to the group's folders feature some form of cyberpunk elements for relevance's sake.

The group administrators are myself and Lady Froey. Feel free to contact one of us if you have any difficulties or concerns within the group. The group will appoint one administrator for every hundred users in the group. For example; as of writing this amendment to the rules, Froey and I are the only administrators. We will remain the only administrators until the group hits 200 members. Once the group hits 201, we will select a new administrator. We will do so for every 100 users that join the group.

It is important to remember that the administrators are subjected to the same rules as members and contributors. If you have concerns that an administrator may be abusing their power, please message me or any other administrator you deem trustworthy. We will launch an immediate investigation. If an administrator is found guilty of abusing their power, the administrator in question will either be warned or demoted; and perhaps even banned afterward, depending on the severity of their transgressions. If an administrator is found innocent, then we will look back over the accusations and determine if they were malicious in nature. If they were not malicious, simply concerned, then no further action will be taken. If they were malicious, however, you will receive the warning, instead.

As for contributor status, since one can currently submit stories to the group regardless of member type, it's more an acknowledgement of one's contributions to the group. Any member who writes a story that is featured within the group's folders or is the artist behind any of the images used in this group's cycle of icons and banners is eligible to be promoted to contributor status, just don't expect that to be regarded as much more than a badge.

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