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The Future Foundation, or FF for short, started when the Human Torch was presumed dead for a time. The remaining members of the Fantastic Four abandoned that name in response and Reed Richards opened the Future Foundation, which was 50% charity organization and science academy for young geniuses and 50% superhero team.

Now since then the FF and the F4 have kind of split into two separate teams. Ant-Man(Scott Lang), She-Hulk, Medusa of the Inhumans, and Miss Thing(Johnny Storm's girlfriend in a robotic Thing suit), have take over operations of the FF.

Now with that in mind, if Marvel owns the rights to this team or at least can use the name................. Does this mean they could use it as a landing pad for if they ever get the F4 back?

Naturally they'd need to rework the Miss Thing part, but still

2814330 Hey dude when you get the chance PM me.

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2814330 That is a possibility, but, like the word 'mutant', it's probably copyrighted to fox

2814551 I doubt it the Future Foundation is too new. Also it's like FOX could ever use this team

And they sure as hell can't use

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