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On the man's birthday, Warner announced that they would be rebooting Superman in the movies and replacing him with a black actor. This is still going to be Clark Kent, not either of the two black Supermen that already exist. And it's going to be a 20th century period piece, which knowing how they are doing things now probably means it will focus on racism.

I am predicting a poorly adapted version of Superman Smashes The Klan, followed by the movie getting called racist for showing klansmen.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think I am done giving these people money.

I am incredibly excited for a turn-of-the-century Superman that focuses on his roots as a man of the people. Also excited to have a Superman that in anyway shape or form resembles Superman.

This whole thing is...complicated for me. I honestly feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it because I'm scared to death it'll make me look racist. Which I'm not. Racism is a stupid, abhorrent mindset, and I genuinely cannot understand how people can think other people are less than because of how photons bounce off of the human epidermis and our processed by our brains.

I'm not opposed to the idea of a black Superman at all...but why make it Clark Kent? Why not make it Calvin Ellis or Val-Zod? Forget the fact that they're black, they have decidedly different life experiences from the classic Kent that could make for good, different Superman stories all on their own. Like how Miles Morales is still a Spider-Man, but he's different and stands-out from Peter Parker for more reasons than just being black.

If you're going to have a black Superman, don't just make it Clark Kent but black for the sake of "we have a black Superman!". That's just a cheap way to have a black Superman when there are other ways to do it and make it more distinct and memorable besides just that.

That, and, well...I think I just want a flat-out Superman reboot movie at this point. Forget #RestoreTheSnyderverse, just draw everything back to square one, and give us a good modern adaptation of Superman. No, I don't care if people are sick of Clark Kent. I want to see at least one good true-to-form live action classic Clark Kent movie before I die. I'll write it myself if I have to.

Now, could I be wrong and could this actually work? Yeah, maybe. Believe me, I'd be more than happy to have my apprehensiveness proven wrong and for this to be a good Superman movie that lives up to what the character is all about even if it isn't the Superman I'm used to. I don't want to be closed-minded as all that.

But I'm still confused as to why they'd make it Clark Kent but black instead of going for a more distinct alternate version of Superman.

Also yeah, as much as I'm not a fan of Cavill's Superman, announcing it on his birthday is some pretty scummy timing.

A black Superman?

Sure, why not?

Because making a movie about Mr. Terrific, or Steel or Martian Manhunter makers SO little sense.

I have been called racist for literally just being white enough times that I don't care anymore. At this point it feels the same as when I get called something else for being a furry or brony, I'm just tired of it.

But if it makes you feel more comfortable about addressing this issue, literally every black youtuber i have seen talk about this has expressed dislike/hate for the change, and Michael B Jordan has once again refused to play the character because he knows it's bad.

It doesn't matter what spin anyone tries to put on this, it is bad, and everyone with common sense can see it as the pandering condescension that it is.

And what makes this worse is that we have already seen actors get fired for not being gay enough, or black enough. So with this decision I have to ask how long it will be before the actor they use is fired on his birthday as well.

I'll ignore that nothing you described resembles what they are wanting to do.

The only reason they are doing this is because they genuinely don't think actual black characters can succeed, and they are actively choosing to ignore that we already have several black Superman characters that would be incredibly popular in the modern day. For goodness sake, Steel even has the perfect setup for entering the DCEU.

This isn't being done for any good reason, it's literally just so they can say how good they are being to the lesser people. That is how they see this situation.


And the DCEU already had the perfect reason for bringing in Steel, the character literally based on one of our legendary historical figures.


There. Right there. Steel would be a fantastic character to use. Never mind that he’s black, look at his story. A man inspired by Superman’s ideals who goes about trying to undo the damage he did as a weapons designer. He’s not Superman, but he lives up to his spirit and follows his example.

There’s all this talk about “an ideal to strive for” why not actually show that?


And I just found out that Static Shock was rebooted in the comics so that the Bang Baby gas was no longer released accidentally but was used by police as riot suppression against BLM. First thing he did after getting his power is try to murder a white kid, only stopping because it would make him look bad.

Remember that how they portray black heroes represents how they think black people act.

I'm not familiar with Static Shock but...yeesh.

Don't forget that it is rumored that the racist dumbass who has been the writer for the Captain America comics is being looked to to write this disaster.

Actually, that was how it was in the original comics. At least in terms of the gas.

It was an experimental tear gas laced with a radioactive marker so the police could track anyone who got away. But it was used on a gang war at the docks like in the animated series.

Honestly didn't know he had comics before the cartoon.

On one Hand a Black Superman isn't a bad thing, But Making Clark Kent Black just because is just all kinds of stupid. You just can't make characters another race without a legitimate reason, or at least not do it because of a "White people suck!" mindset

They don't just have to sell the idea of a black Superman to us, they also have to sell the idea of a black Clark Kent to us which is the harder of the 2.

If they could pull it off, more power to them. But WHOEVER they get to portray "Black Superman" better make me go "Hey, this guy is a good Superman. I hope they make more movies with him.". Because if he's not on his A game, the actor will forever be known as 'Black Superman' which will haunt him the rest of his career.

If they stay true to both Clark Kents' and Supermans' character, it could somehow work, but if they want it to be a franchise with him, the movie better stay as close to the core of what makes superman "superman". They can't fuck this up, because they only will get one shot at this.

If they're doing this because of money, it fool's gold is all they'll get.

If they're doing it to try something different, and refresh Superman...Then I'll at least give it a chance.

There is also Icon from Milestone Comics (which later merged with DC,).
If you add his sidekick, Rocket, you can appeal to the younger audience as well.

I didn't find out until like ten years after the cartoon ended.

I saw them both on Young Justice.

They are awesome.

Well, there's the little problem of the last time they attempted to adapt Steel...

(Don't take this seriously, I'm just here to make jokes)


Generally, I hate remakes, especially those of more successful projects. But, this is one time I wouldn't mind.
Learn from the mistakes made, and try to do better next time.
The same can be said of that train wreck, "Catwoman."

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