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Is there a group specifically for Loki? I can't find one.

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1774453 Shockingly no there isn't!:pinkiegasp:

I must make one!

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1774721 Well I would join it.

:rainbowderp: That picture creeps me out a little.

1774806>>1774833 Oh come on! Loki isn't that great! I mean yeah, he can out play you most of the time and, for a guy, he is really pretty, but still, he thinks that being adopted is an excuse to kill 80 people in 2 days.

80 PEOPLE!!! That's as many as 8 tens! And that's terrible! :pinkiegasp:

1774911 He didn't kill 80 people in 2 days cause he was adopted, he did it because he felt inferior to Thor.


he felt inferior to Thor.

Because he was adopted! :ajsmug:

1775668 You obviously are a single child if you think that the younger brother would hold a grudge over that :ajsmug:

1775736 No sir. I am the youngest of three with a brother that is 3 years older than me. He can kick my ass and that used to bother me when I was younger, but now I'm taller than him and have my own car. In his face. And yes I say that because he once punched me in the stomach. Not all famalies are the same dude.

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1774911 its not that he was adopted.

Its because Odin lied to him every day for his entire life. Made him believe that he was a true Asgardian and loved by all.

And then what does he find out? That he's actually the stolen first born of the very race of people he's been raised to hate and dispise, and not only that, he was initally adopted for the sole purpose of being raised as a political pawn to be set on the throne of Joutinheim when the time came. Of course, that time never came.

Now, do I think that Odin was evil for doing this? No. He truely does love Loki, and cares for him. However, that still does not excuse his mistake in not telling Loki the truth. Of course, Loki should have been more mature about it, and not go on a crazy, genocidal rampage and try to kill all the Frost Giants.

Also, that line in The Avengers, about Loki being adopted? Its a horrible line. Thor would never say something like that. He loves his brother too much to say such a dismissive thing as 'oh he's adopted.'

The scene should have gone something like this:

Black Widow: "He killed eighty people in two days"
Thor: "even so, he is my brother. He should face justice in Asgard for his crimes."

Also, what eighty people?! I've seen that movie ninety thousand times, and I can never figure out what Loki did up until that point to kill 80 friggin' people. Lets see:

Loki arrives on Earth, kills at most 9-12 people during his escape and then we cut to him scheming to retreve that dude's eyeball which by then he's surrounded by minions (which are never really explained how they got there. What did he just seriously stand there glow-sticking everybody one by one?) we then cut to Germany, where he grabs that guy, takes his eye out and then shoots one police car and is captured.

So, even providing for the collapse of the Shield base at the beginning of the movie, which had been mostly evacuated by that point, this means that, Loki probably killed a grand total of...

...20-25 people. And that's being absurdly generious towards him, since most of those people who we see him fight could have very well survived their injuries and people have survived collapsing of large structers before. So, long story short, that number of 80 people in two days makes no sense unless he was running around, shooting everyone he saw.


Also, that line in The Avengers, about Loki being adopted? Its a horrible line. Thor would never say something like that. He loves his brother too much to say such a dismissive thing as 'oh he's adopted.'

It's a horrible line, true, but the delivery is perfect.

I also think they were referring to all the people in the SHIELD base that didn't make it out.

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1777624 No the delivery is not perfect either. Thor would have never said such a thing in the first place, and even if he did say it, he wouldn't say it as dismissively.

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