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After Hurricane Fluttershy Twilight and Spitfire had dating for while feeling that the time is right Spitfire going to ask if Equestria's new princess for her hoof in marriage, but two princes has a problem with that.

  1. Shining is mad at Spitfire wanting to stay with the Wonderbolts.
  2. Blueblood use a ancient law to try stop the wedding.
  3. Rainbow is jealous of Twilight for her relationship.

If this is a choice, then I would go for the first one. Seeing Shining mad would be funny.

I think you should do it and include the first 2 scenarios

6548817 As the title said it's free for whom wants to write.

6548863 Thanks but I'm work on my other stories.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4
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