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The Common Tater has graciously volunteered his services in writing another TwiFire short, to be added to the end of Duty (which will have its name changed), confirming that THIS COLLAB IS HAPPENING! His prompt is "time", so you should go encourage him!

The rules are as follows:
500-1500 word short stories (I have to include my own!)
The next prompt will be given out by the last author. If you're an author who's interested, go claim the first prompt from Tater ASAP.
All stories will (obviously) go through me. Before publishing I will edit them and send them back for any corrections I find beforehand.
If you're using your prompt to make a sequel to another entry, be sure to tell me that! I'd love to have that information included.

As long as you follow your prompt and don't write mature, anything else goes. Ready?

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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