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So I watched the season 5 premier, and I started wondering: In a Rapture scenario, would Starlight Glimmer work as a Sophia Lamb stand-in?

4246963 I see her closer to Jeremiah Fink than Sophia Lamb.

4246974 Sophia Lamb was more of a 'wait to strike', closer to Tirek, but Fink was more 'tear apart their concepts', but his case was tearing apart their concepts of money and general society, where Glimmer's was tear apart their concepts of Friendship and Harmony.

Either way, she's MOST like a character I know from outside the Bioshock universe.

4246974 Probably because Lamb actually believed what she said while Fink doesn't believe in the religion of Columbia but does use it for his own gain. Although personally she would still be a go choice to parody Lamb despite this.

4246994 Maybe a composite character, taking elements from both characters?

When I watched the episode bioshock was all I could think about, because of starlight. She is a mix of , any different characters. Lamb, fink, Ryan (your not aloud to leave way), Comstock (I am your saviour way). Ya, she reminded me of all of them. But the town reminded of Raptures 'keep it to yourself' ways and Columbias 'conform to be norm' way. Yes, the episode depicted a great example of both to me.

4246963 I see Starlight Glimmer as more of an Andrew Ryan character than a Sophia or a Fink. First of all, she separated from the rest of Equestria, created a "utopia", albeit different than Ryan's. Second, like Rapture (in the beginning, at least) everyone was equal, like the village Starlight presided over.


And also, I just realized, that in the second image, it's one of Ditzy's cousins!

4248430 Hmm. I see you point.


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