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Here is the thread where I will answer any questions about these two races. I've got more or less free reign with them, and i expect this topic will help me prevent mistakes.

I expect more questions when i post my new chapters but i thought it would be prudent to make the topic earlier in this case. Besides, answering questions helps me cement ideas into the canon.

Ill probably update this later with a quick primer on Gammaverse dragons, but for now, i will just say that anyone with a history with Dungeons and Dragons might recognize quite a bit, since thats what i based them on.

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I'll try to add important things from the primer and discussion to the wiki as well.
For great justice!

I may also do a thread like this on Gryphons too tho, just because even a comprehensive wiki page + reading the stories may not cover every little fact about us. :eeyup:

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