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Everyone has a little lapse in sanity, now and again. So does everypony. Only sometimes, it's a little more than just a "Little lapse", and that pony's life takes a turn for the worse, landing them in one of the most God-awful and monotonous places imaginable:

A fanfic about them being stuck in an asylum.

Open: Nobody's requested it yet.
In Progress: Waiting for an audition. When one gets in, one week shall be allocated for anyone else to outdo it.
On Hold: At least one audition has been recieved, and whichever is the best at a point one week after the first was recieved shall be selected.

Pinkamena: Jaysteeny
Luna/NMM: In Progress.
Lyra: In Progress.
Flutterrage: In Progress.
Psycho Twi: Open!
Discord: Open!
SleepyJack: Open!
Screw Loose: In Progress.
Desparity: Open!
(Tell me if you can think of any others)

That's all I can think of for now, but get in quick or you'll miss out!

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294947 Odd is good. This entire collab is intended to be odd. Like higher than 'more-than-three-days-without-sleep-hallucinations' level odd.

Oh great... Nunchucks is here... The Madness begins!
Also, I have the skeletal draft for Screw Loose in my head, I'll get it done this week for your viewing probably, I hope you like it, it might get a little... odd...

294753 Both are probably applicable.

Hmm... we need more ponies in this...
How about Desparity?

just wondering, Flutterrage as in when she goes psychotic? or just being assertive and angry?

290338 289178 Then post in the "Auditions" thread.

one question: can we start the story BEFORE they go into the asylum?
if so, i gueessssss i COULD have a shot about righting abouts Luna/Nightmaare moon... :pinkiehappy:
Celestia dammit why aisnt there a Luna emoticon!!!???

lol, sleepyjack! :ajsleepy:

  • Viewing 1 - 9 of 9
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