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What could Futurama had done to stop it from being cancelled?

Probably nothing.

But Maybe if we went down the Family Guy road our show would not been cancelled?

Make a ton more references or dumb down the humor to the level of Family Guy and get rid of all those sci fi stuff? Screw that!

Perhaps Futurama making a stand in defiance to other adult cartoons show was best? Unfortunately that means we get cancelled.

The writers, as well as Matt all agree that the show should die.

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Not saying that I disagree. But do you have a source/link from a interview to back up your claim?

Alas teh Xbox is a whore.

In other words no. Just look it up.

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Well, I do recall an interview not so long ago that Matt wanted to continue the show for quite a bit.

But then again, perhaps it's for the best. At least Futurama won't go down the road of the Simpsons.

Well, isn't it all just the fault of Fox? Or did Comedy Central buy the rights to own Futurama?

If Futurama's still under Fox, they obviously have a habit of cancelling perfectly good shows. A theory that I have (and this isn't confirmed or anything) is that Fox wants Matt to focus more on the Simpsons because they're just assholes in general.

We can only hope for the best and possibly Futurama will be rebooted... AGAIN.

This is just another good reason as to why I hate Fox.

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