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Fallout Equestria: Broken Hearts - The Suave One

The Crystal Empire. A small kingdom, a large city, located in the Frozen North. The only ponies want to be there are feral ghouls, and everypony else is only there because they have no other choice.

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Chapter 1: Stable 27

“There’s aliments all around us, in everything we touch and see…”

I looked at the clock on the wall for what must have been at least the seventh time within the past five minutes. I still had ten minutes until knock off time, and time was passing slower than a snail going backwards. A dead snail at that. I started to fiddle with the display on my PipBuck, turning the usually green screen to a pleasant shade of blue. A sudden blast from the device knocked me backwards off my chair. I looked at the screen. I was just a reminder that I had some guy called Rid-Flee coming in for a blood test. I looked over to the door as he entered.
“Make this quick. I ain’t got all day.” He growled at me.
“Fine. Just take a seat.”
I grabbed and empty needle and walked over to him. I reached over to roll the sleeve of his barding up a bit, only to find my hoof smashed out of the way.
“What the fuck! That freaking hurt!” I yelled at him.
“I don’t like Pegasi touching me.” He reasoned.
“I’m the only freaking pegasus to be born in this Stable! You’ve never been touched by a pegasus before.” I shouted back. It had always been this way. Many decades ago, a plague had struck the planet, wiping out almost all life. Equestria was the last country infected, so hundreds of clinical Stables had been built to protect the citizens. However, when the disease started to get serious, the majority of Pegasi and gryphons had abandoned the world and flew away to live in the clouds, away for the disease. Many see that as the Pegasi betraying the nation and it seemed as though I got all the blame.

I stuck the needle into Rid-Flee’s arm, withdrawing some blood. I then proceeded to remove the needle in the most painful way I could.
“AHH!” Yelped Flee.
“Sorry,” I said sarcastically, “I couldn’t focus because, you know, my hoof hurts.”

He left the room glaring at me. I capped the needle and placed it in my delivery tray. Some mail pony would deliver it to the labs later. I returned to my chair and slumped back down into it. I hated my job. I hated my life. I hated Stable 27. I hated being a Pegasus, and being blamed for all the death that had occurred during the days of the disease. If I had one chance to change my life, I would take it. I grabbed a blunt pencil off my desk with my mouth. I them proceeded to sharpen it with my wings. One neat trick I had learnt from my years in the Stable was how to turn the feather on my wings into blades as sharp as any scalpel. Very handy for surgery and warding off bullies. Once I had sharpened the pencil to a nice point, I grabbed some spare paper from a pile on my desk and started to draw. I sucked at drawing, but it was a great way to past the time.

An alarm sounded on my clock, signalling the end of another days work. I heaved myself off the chair and strolled to the door. I wandered through the twists and turns of the Stable until I ended up in the cafeteria. I pulled some food chips out of my barding and swapped them for an apple and some coffee. I walked over to a table on the side of the room, far away from the rest of the tables. I sat down and started drinking my coffee. The warm liquid slid down my throat, warming me from the inside.

“Yo, Octavius!” I heard a voice call, turning at the sound of my name. A lone blue unicorn stallion walked up and joined me at the table.
“Hey Bluebuck. Anything new happening in PipBuck repair?” I asked. Bluebuck was Stable 27’s leading, and only, PipBuck technician. PipBucks were basically mini super-computers attached to the front leg of anypony in the Stables. It could do all kinds of things, from being able to detect and locate ponies that wanted to harm you via something called E.F.S. (Eyes Forward Sparkle), to being able to label and evaluate the value of anything the wearer had on them. All useless in the Stables. All I used mine for was reminders for appointments.

Bluebuck was one of the ponies in Stable 27 that didn’t wish I would die. We had grown up together, as our parents were close friends. He had taught me how PipBucks work; I’d taught him how to make simple healing potions out of everyday ingredients. When we weren’t working, we would often hang out in the cafeteria, or down in the Stables maintenance tunnels.

“Nothing ever happens in PipBuck maintenance. These things are built to last. You feed one through furnace and it would still come out in one piece. It’s a miracle I ever get work down there.” He explained as he pulled a small flask out of his barding and took a long sip from it.
“What’s the poison today?” I asked as he handed me the bottle.
“You’ll love this one, some home-made vodka. Nice and fresh from those potatoes we found the other week.”
“They were half rotten! Is it safe?”
“That stuff I had last week, it was made from some stuff I found in the bins behind the kitchen.”
“You lying bastard! You told me it was made from fresh stuff you snagged from the kitchen!”
“Well, it still tasted pretty good, didn’t it?”

He had me there. Even though I was a doctor, and knew the negative side effects of drinking, nothing beat a good swig of an aged alcohol. I raised the flask to my mouth, pouring some of the clear fluid in. I smiled as the vodka crept down my throat, enjoying the warmth now spreading to my body.
“Hey, Octavius,” Bluebuck started, “I was messing around with some of the files on my PipBuck and look what I came across. This program, when plugged into any terminal, allows me to easily overwrite virtually all forms of encryption and security. I can hack everyponies PipBucks and break into almost everyponies rooms with this program. Give me your PipBuck and I’ll give you a copy.” I held my hoof out to him, and he plugged a cord into my PipBuck, connecting it to his own. A few seconds later, a small beep sounded the end of the download, and he unplugged me and put the wire back in his pocket. I brought up the data screen and checked the download, which he had named ‘Blue’s Skeleton Key’. He had never been known for his originality. He passed me a cord, similar to the one he had just put away.
“You’ll need this to connect to the computer.” He said as I tucked it away in my barding.

I looked to the side as another stallion sat next to me.
“Handy’s throwin’ another one of ‘em poker nights. Ya’ll both invited.” He said in a thick Texhorse accent. He grabbed out a small rag and tried to rub some black grease of his dusty brown hooves.
“Well,” Bluebuck stated, “We’ll be there. Anything new in maintenance, Oilcan?”
“Well, we’re startin’ to have some real problems with them water processors. If the Overmare won’t let us tear apart some of the more useless machines, there’s a small chance it’ll blow.”
“Why won’t she let you pull them apart?” I asked. When I was younger, before I got my cutie mark, Bluebuck and I had all sorts of adventures down there. It still amazed me how big the machines were that were needed to operate the Stable.

“Some of the machines down there don’t even work anymore. There’s machines down there that produce guns, or would if we had supplies. We don’t need ‘em, but the Overmare keep bitchin’ about how they may be useful one day.”
“Why don’t you just pull them apart and not tell her?” I asked.
“She gets some of her guards to make sure we don’ touch her precious scrape heaps. If we pull even one component off another machine, she gets cranky.”

Oilcan looked up and attempted to wipe some oil off his horn. Unicorns often got jobs doing maintenance, as they were able to do multiple things at once with their magic, and could operate with extreme precision. Earth ponies often had jobs relating to the arts, or Stable politics. I was a medic because they needed more medics. Being a Pegasus sucked. Usually a pony got their job from what their cutie mark depicted. Oilcan had an oilcan on his flank; Bluebuck had a PipBuck, and me? My cutie mark was a treble clef in a blue heart on top of crossed syringes. I mean seriously, what the fuck is that supposed to even be? None of the leading cutie mark specialists knew, so the put me in medical due the syringes, and the lack of medical ponies. I also played music at some of the low key poker matches my friends would have, and had the ability to be able to pick up almost any instrument, and be able to play it within a few minutes.

Oilcan looked at his PipBuck, took a large swig of Blueback’s vodka, then stood up.
“I’m sorry ta leave ya both here, but some of have ta work. I’ll be seeing ya both at the poker match.” With that, he turned around and walked off. I reached over and grabbed the vodka, taking one last swing myself, before standing up.
“I’d better go and check my paper work. Had another pain come through today. Hit me because I am a Pegasus. I’m gonna file a complaint.”
“Well then, see you at the poker match.”
I nodded, then turned and walked back to my office. After filing a complaint about Rid-Flee, I walked back to my unit to get some sleep in before poker.


I walked through the twisting hall of the lower maintenance tunnels to the usual poker spot, a small nook that was hard to find if you didn’t already know where it was. I found the door, and entered. As soon as I passed through the door, however, I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t smell cigarette smoke or alcohol; I couldn’t hear laughter or cards. Instead I heard crying. I walked around the corner into the main room and saw the eight of the nine ponies I play poker with sitting around the table. One of them, an earth pony mare named Rosebud, was sobbing like she had lost a loved one. Bluebuck looked up at me when I walked in, a tired look on his face.
“The water processor exploded earlier and killed Oilcan.” He said, giving a sympathetic look to Rosebud. It made sense now. Rosebud and Oilcan had been very close. Then it dawned upon me.
“If the water processor’s broken, how will we get fresh water?”
“That’s just it,” Bluebuck said, “We will only have fresh water for a few weeks. Then everypony will starve to death. The Overmare released a statement over the Stable radio saying that everypony is to vote for one pony to go out of the Stable to find a new one.”
I turned the radio on my PipBuck on to hear the end of a broadcast.

“…nies are to return to their jobs tomorrow. At 3pm the result of the vote will be presented in the atrium.” The Overmare’s voice said, before some cheery music started to play. I turned the radio off. No pony was in the mood for that kind of music. I took my seat and slumped over the table. Bluebuck brought out his flask, and Hold’em brought out his cards. He dealt us all a hand and Bluebuck passed his flask around, before pulling another from his barding. I looked at the two cards in my hand. an eight of hearts and ten of clubs. I looked at the two cards on the table, a queen and two of spades. I folded, then took a long swig of the flask. And so our poker night went on, Bluebuck disappearing now and then to refill his flask.


I woke up at midday the next day with a terrible hangover. I walked into my bathroom and pulled a tablet out of a container next to the sink. My own hangover pills. I took one, then ran to the toilet and vomited all over it. After a while my throbbing headache receded to a manageable twinge, and my stomach was no longer trying to crawl out my mouth. I took a shower and headed off to work, two hours late. I was lucky, as I didn’t have any appointments until 2pm.

I sat in my desk, looking up at my clock, but instead of wanting time to speed up, I wanted it to go backwards. I wanted to stop Oilcan from returning to maintenance. I wanted to stop the water processor from exploding, which would also save that one unfortunate soul from being sent out into the world from which the probably wouldn’t return. The hand moved and 3pm crept ever closer. 2pm came, and I was required to look away from the clock to give a young colt a vaccination. I then returned to staring at the wall. 2:15, 2:30, 2:45. Time crept forward until a bleep came from my PipBuck alerting me that it was 3pm. I got up from my desk and started to walk to the atrium. The atrium was packed. It wouldn’t be able to fit everypony, and ponies were starting to fill the hallways. I took to the air, hovering above the crowd so I could get a better view of what would happen. Ponies would occasionally glance up at me, some in awe, but most in anger. Here they were, crammed into the halls like garbage in a compactor, while I flew overhead.

As I flew into the atrium itself, the Overmare walked out onto the stage. She was a white unicorn, and had a blue mane, with pink highlights. She walked up to the microphone and looked across the assembly before her.
“As you all know, there was an accident yesterday, which killed nine maintenance ponies: Spanner, Oilcan, Bang, Powerswitch, Bright Light, Engine, Dent, Hammer and Tongs. We mourn the loss of these ponies, but we have also now a much bigger problem. The explosion has destroyed the only water talisman in the Stable, without which, the Stable will soon run out of water. I am mostly to blame for this incident, as I was told by three of the ponies who died that they needed to scrape some of the unused machine in order to get parts for the water processor. I didn’t allow them, which I believe led to the explosion. I have called you here to tell you who it is who shall go out into the world to see if the can get their hooves on a new water talisman. They will supplied with some provisions and a gun, plus the coordinates for the nearest Stable-tec office, where I believe a functioning water talisman can be found. Yesterday, I asked everypony to vote for this pony should be. Not everypony voted, which I can understand. Now, without further ado, the pony selected to go on this mission is… Octavius.”

It took a couple of seconds for reality to sink in, as everypony in the atrium stared up at me. When I had processed what she said, I slowly sank down into the crowd, as if hiding from the sight of everypony would make them forget I existed, and that somepony else would be selected. All the ponies around me stepped away to the best of their abilities, squishing other ponies. I felt my wings grow tight as I looked to the stage.
“Octavius, please, come up here.” The Overmare said, the crowd ahead of me parting, forming a path. I slowly walked down the road, looking at the ground while secretly trying to lift my wings. They would not budge from my sides, no matter how hard I tried. The muscles in them contracted, and I felt the air being slowly pressed out of my lungs. I walked up the stairs and stood next to the Overmare, the entire Stable watching me.

“So, Octavius, are you prepared to go out and serve your Stable?” The Overmare asked me. My jaw locked, so I just nodded instead. Suddenly, a mare called out from the back of the crowd. “How do we know he isn’t just going to flee into the clouds to live with the rest of the Pegasi?” The crowd parted and a young, white unicorn mare stepped forth. Her name was Click, the Stables resident locksmith. Ever since I had been a young colt, she had constantly bullied me for my Pegasus heritage. Her family was one of the most loyal to the Stable. Why she wasn’t going on this quest, I didn’t know, but I did know that she would be a far better candidate. She could pick locks almost as easily as she picked fights, and despite her small build, she was a very powerful kicker. I knew from personal experience.

“Well,” the Overmare said coolly, “why don’t you go with him. He could probably use the help.”
I could have laughed, If I could get my jaw to work. The Overmare was suggesting that Click and I should team up. Even if the life of everyponies in the Stable relied on it, which it sort of was, she would still say n…
“Fine. I will.” She stated firmly. That fixed my jaw, which now dropped. Not only was I being kicked out of my home, my worst nemesis was volunteering to babysit me. At this rate, as soon as I exited the Stable, disease ridden zombies will probably attack, I will fall sick, then the world would blow up for good measure. My life could suck sometimes.

Click walked to the front of the atrium.
“We all know the story of the Pegasi. They abandoned us to live a safe life in the clouds. They left Equestria to die. How do we know that this Pegasus before us won’t do the same?” She exclaimed to the crowd. She spat out the word Pegasus much like one would say spider, or sewerage. Some of the crowd cheered in agreement, but most just sighed and shook their heads. There was such a thing as being over patriotic, and Click often passed that line. She walked up the stairs and stood next to me.
“I will go with him to make sure that he completes his quest.”
“No, you really don’t need to.” I whispered, finally getting my jaw to work.
“I will. I don’t trust you, or any of your kind.” She snapped back.
“You realise that this means you will be stuck with me for the next few weeks.”
“Yes, but I will do anything for the Stable.”
I sighed and gave up. Click could be one of the most hopelessly stubborn ponies you could ever meet.

As the crowd started to dissipate, the Overmare took us to a small area behind the stage.
“Octavius, Click, you have about three or four weeks to get this talisman and return to the Stable. I know you two have had your differences, but please try to work together. I don’t know what you will find out there. I will supply you with guns, ammo and data, but that is all I can do.”
She turned and started walking, indicating us to follow her. We walked through the twisting passages of the Stable until we reached her office. She led us inside, and then closed the door.
“In the terminal over there are some map locations where you may find a talisman. Please only download those, as that is my private terminal.”

I walked over and pulled the connection cable Bluebuck had given me, connecting my PipBuck to the terminal. I then did the most logical thing and overrode every security and encryption and downloaded the entire contents of it into my PipBuck. It only took up an iota of the PipBuck’s near endless memory. Seeing that I had finished with the terminal, the Overmare led us out of her office and into the Stable armoury.

I had never seen an actual gun before, and yet here they were lining the wall like a weird 3D wallpaper.
“Select two guns each while I go and get some supplies.” The Overmare said as she left the room. I walked through the rows of guns with no idea of how what each one did. Some were long, others short. Over at one side of the room there where some ammo crates holding so many different types of ammo that there must have been a different type for each gun in the room. I picked up a small pistol, feeling the grip in my mouth. It was comfortable enough, and the gun didn’t look too special, so I slipped it into my barding. I then looked around until I found a nice looking gun, with a wider barrel. Now I had my two guns, I returned to the door, where Click had already returned with her pair. The Overmare returned and gave our guns a look.
“Octavius, I see you have chosen a simple laser pistol Grenade launcher. Click, you have 10mm pistol and a laser rifle. If you go over to those ammo boxes, I’ll show you the ammo your guns require.”

We followed her to said ammo boxes and the Overmare began shuffling through the pile of ammo, throwing us an assorted collection of magazines, grenades and small metal boxes.
“Those magazines are for the 10mm and those Microfusion Cells, or MC’s are for the laser rifle.” She said, pushing two piles of ammo to Click, before turning to me.
“Grenades for grenade launcher, Energy Cells, or ECs for the laser pistol.” She said, pushing the remaining piles of ammo to me. “Now, if you could follow me to the kitchen, we shall get your final supplies, and then you shall say your last goodbyes.”

The kitchen staff had supplied us with an assortment of cakes, biscuits, apples and carrots as well as a full canteen of water each and the medical staff supplied us with a decent amount of Med-X and Stimpacks. After that we split up to say goodbye to our friends and family. I wandered the halls until I found my parents unit. Upon opening the door, I was surprised to all my friends had arrived and were packed into the small apartment. As I entered, I found myself in the middle of a big group hug.

“I don’t suppose you can talk the Overmare into letting you stay?” Bluebuck asked me as he let go.
“No. She has already geared us both up as much as she possibly could.” I said, as my mum burst out crying. I walked over and hugged her, allowing my eyes to tear up. No pony would think I was weak for crying. I was about to leave my entire life behind. Slowly, everypony in the room started to break, until we were all sobbing, crying, weeping and wailing. I pulled myself back together as I looked at my PipBuck’s clock. I pulled myself away from the group and went to my old room for one last look around. I had been brought up in that room until I was old enough to move out. I looked over the objects in the room, seeing if any would be useful. There was nothing much, just a necklace that Bluebuck and I had made from a shard of blue crystal we found down in the maintenance tunnels. I put it on, before having one last sweep of the room. After my small nostalgia rush, I walked back out into the main room of the apartment to see all my friends and my parents lined up hiding something behind their backs.

“We thought we would all give you something before you left.” My dad told me as he presented me with some sort of crown with a black rock of some sort in the front. My mum gave me a goldish-white orb. My dad had told me what they both were when I had been younger, a memory orb and a recollector. My friends from poker gave me assorted gifts including two packs of card, some food, some pre-war money, a few bottles of Sunrise Sarsaparilla and a bottle of hoof sanitiser. Then Bluebuck gave me two flank flasks, filled with his finest vodka.

“You absolutely sure there’s no way we can get you to stay?” He asked as he handed me the metal bottles.
My answer was cut off as a security guard came into the room. He nodded at me and I knew then that my time in the Stable was up. It was time to go.


Click and I looked at the bulky door that blocked the entrance to the Stable as the Overmare typed something on the small terminal off the right. I looked back over my shoulder at my parents and friends, and everypony else that had come to see us leave. With a flourish, the Overmare finished typing on the terminal, and large jets of steam hissed from around the door as it slowly pulled back into the stable, then rolled open. Ahead of us was a dark cave of sorts. I stepped forward, up to the door with Click following closely behind. Taking a deep breath, I became the first pony to step outside of Vault 27 in about 200 years.

Author's Note:

Level 1: EXP: 355/600
Four Eyes: While wearing any type of glasses, you have +1 PER. Without glasses, you have - 1 PER.

Wild Wasteland: Wild Wasteland unleashes the most bizarre and silly elements of post-apocalyptic America. Not for the faint of heart or the serious of temperament.

(This is my first fanfic, and I am relatively new to the whole Brony thing, so sorry if this contradicts other Fallout stories.
I don’t own the right to MLP or Fallout, and those rights belong to Hasbro and Bethesda respectively. Also, huge thanks to Kkat for putting the two together.
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