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Fallout Equestria: Days Long Gone - Raikage77

Back in the old world it was World War 3, then I ended up in this world, thinking it would be different. I was wrong. I geuss it really true what they say. War ...it never changes.

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Memory-4: To Be Judged

Memory-4: To Be Judged

"Listen, it's all gonna be cool! They're gonna fight it out, then they'll party hard and it will be like the war never happened! Ya, know, forgive and forget and all that crap."

Dear, Daddy

I'm having a great time at school! The teachers are really nice and I've made lots of new friends. Our levitation's teacher, Ms. Buttercup, is so cool!
She used to be in the army, but she had to leave because she got hurt really bad.
I feel so bad for her. I can't imagination having to live with a fake leg.
Oh, yeah! And you won't believe who else is here!
Pumpkin Cake goes to the school too, isn't that awesome!
We have lunch together everyday. Ms. Buttercup says that me and Pumpkin are her top students.
Who knows, maybe I'll be able to levitate you soon.
I really miss you, dad.
But don't worry, I will be home before you know it!

Love, Rose Blossom.

P.S – Tell the Apples I can't wait to meet the new baby!

I smiled.

After reading the letter, I put it in my nightstand, along with the others. There were three letters in all, this being the latest one sent, that just got delivered this morning.

Apparently, the train to Luna's school stopped at Ponyville to pick up any students from the small town that also got in; I had no idea that the Cakes had sent their daughter there as well, but I was happy that Rose had at least one good friend that she already knew.

I sat up off my bed, and walked into the living room. I had just gotten back from my visit to Ponyville the other night, and I was happy the town was doing so well. Twilight's dragon, brother, assistant, Spike, had gotten bigger. He was no longer a baby dragon anymore, but he was far from a fully grown dragon.

Years ago, the dragon only came up to a little bit above my knees, now he was about up to my side. We hang out a little during my stay; Spike still had a crush on Rarity (no surprise there), that was hard to miss, but he wasn't as head over heels as he had been.

"Let's see, what should I do today?" I mused to myself. I had two weeks until my little Rose Blossom would be coming back home on break. Something I couldn't be more happy about.

I turned on the radio in my living room. Then, I walked over and threw myself down on the couch, lying on my back, and picked up the book I had yet to finish on the coffee table. There were a large number of radio stations to listen to. My favorite being, what I called, the old fifties station (which in Equestria, that style of music is pretty modern nowadays); I didn't know rather to blame or thank grandma for getting me hooked on her favorite genre, having listened to it so many times growing up. Not that it mattered, the music was hip, and smooth, especially the saxophone.

"...And that was The Topcoats with their new single 'Open Your Heart'. Now for the news." The deep voiced stallion spoke from the radio. "Folks, I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but since some of you couldn't figure it out on your own, let me inform you." He took a breath. "The zebras in Zebratown are not, I repeat, are not the enemy folks. Their Equestrian citizens, just like the rest of us, some of them were even born here. So take that hate out of ya hearts, ponies, because rather then writing prejudice crap on their buildings and breaking their windows, show them what we ponies of Equestria truly stand for: love, tolerance, and compassion."

"And to the zebras of Zebratown, stay strong, and forgive the ignorance of our Equestrian brothers and sisters. This next song goes out to the mares and stallions fighting on the front lines; soldiers, we salute you!" He finished. The next song started playing a moment later.

I shook my head in shame, sighing. no matter where you go, there will be prejudice individuals during times of war, rather they're ponies or people. Ya can't get to the enemy on the battlefield, so you get suspicious of the whole race. The same thing happened during World War Two with the Japanese Americans getting taken from their homes and put on reservations, even though there many Japanese were soldiers fighting on the side of the Americans.

A part just hoped ponies would be different. But the hate was there, and has been for some time.

My stomach growled a little about ten minutes later. I looked at the clock, seeing that it was half past two, and I had yet to eat lunch. I leaned over, saving the page of the book by bending the corner inward, then I got up, headed for the kitchen.

Or at least that's what I was about to do, until a knock rapped on the door, followed by the bell ringing.

Knock! Knock! Ding dong!

"I'll be there in a minute," I yelled towards the door. I pulled my pick out of my back pocket and swiftly fixed my Afro to it's full puffiness, and put it right back in my pocket. I strolled over to the door. "Who is it?"

"Who does it sound like to ya, the new mailmare?" A mares voice said back in playful sarcasm. It was Babs Seed. "C'mon, open up."

I unlocked and opened the door, smiling as I saw the tanned coated mare. She wasn't dressed in a sweatsuit this time, rather, she was her own natural pony self. "Bads, how's it going," I greeted. "I thought you were in Manehattan?"

"I was, but I had ta come back on business, so I thought I'd take you up on that offer and stop by."

"Well, I'm glad you did. I was getting kinda bored her by myself," I stepped aside, opening the door wider. "Come on in, I was just about to make lunch. You care to join me."

Babs grinned. "If you're offering free food, I'm not gonna turn ya down," she replied, trotting inside. I closed and relocked the door, "Nice place ya got here, by the way."

"Thanks. Sweetie help design the place, you know. I tell ya, that mare knows her stuff when it comes to architecture. I would've probably just messed up everything, again."

"Aw, c'mon, you're not that bad when it comes to buildin'."

I raised an eyebrow. "Am I the only one who remembers the tree house incident?"

Babs Seed laughed. "Oh yeah, ya caved in the whole thing! And we had to make a new one," she said, giggling. "But Apple Bloom should be thankin' you, if not for that, she wouldn't have tried to remake it and she never would have gotten her cutie mark."

I remember that week well; it was around the time Sweetie Belle had gotten her cutie mark, her special talent being singing obviously, even when she didn't have the mark, it was clear what her talent was. I had gotten the bright idea to try and fix up the Crusaders HQ, which happened to be Applejack's old tree house, that she passed down to her little sister.

It had been falling apart for sometime, and I thought I'd try to be a handyman for once. That was a big mistake. I ended up just making everything worse.

Some hammering here, some drilling there, I really thought that I was doing something. Something that would surprise everyone. Then, out of no where, the roof caved in.

I swear I'd never heard a louder crash in my life! The noise got the attention of every pony in Sweet Apple Acres (mostly because the tree house was, like, a five minute walk from the barn). By the time Big Macintosh and the Crusaders got there, I was busy trying to pull myself out from the wreckage of wood and metal. I wasn't badly hurt, thankfully I only got a few cuts and bruises, but the damage had been done.

The tree house was a disaster.

I felt bad, not just bad; embarrassed. I completely screwed up, big time.

Of course, I got yelled at by the CMC (all except for Babs Seed), but it wasn't for the reason I expected. They weren't upset because I messed up the tree house, they were upset because I tried to fix it on my own and ended up getting hurt.

It was then that I realized something; even though I was new to Ponyville, and I wasn't a pony myself, they still cared about me. That made me feel happy, and not so bad about being stranded on an alien world.

Afterwards, Big Mac offered to help fix up the tree house, but Apple Bloom refused, saying we would do it ourselves. It was Crusaders HQ after all.

The red maned filly worked on the designs for three days straight (only stopping to eat, sleep and whatever else was necessary), and even borrowed a few books from Twilight's library. A week and a half later and we were done building. The old tree house had been destroyed, and in it's place, something new and incredible.

It was then, a moment later, that Sweetie Belle gasped. We all followed her eyes to what she was starring at. There on Apple Bloom's flank, was an image of a hammer and protractor, her cutie mark had finally appeared (to which she literally bounced around, cheering with happiness) and we had only then just noticed.

That night we threw a party, just as we had for Sweetie, and Babs later on when she got her cutie mark.

It was on that day that one of Equestria's top architects came to be, All thanks to my fail.

"I guess it's true what they say." I smiled, motioning for the mare to follow me as I walked into the kitchen to start lunch. "Some things happen for a reason."

Babs Seed trotted up besides me. "Yeah, but ya can never count out chance," she added, grinning. "Sometimes ta get what you want, a pony's gotta take a gamble."

I gave a nod. "A gamble, huh? ...That works, too."


I sat back on the couch, sipping on a bottle of soda. For lunch, I had made something fairly simple and easy, Greek salad. Bads had a normal salad, with vegetables like carrots and tomatoes, that sorta thing. As for me, however, I had a chicken salad. There wasn't a lot of meat in the house to make, but I made due with what I had brought from the local griffin market (simply named, Griffin Mart).

Right now, me and Babs Seed were sitting in the living room, enjoying a nice, cold bottle of Sparkle~Cola. Though, even with it's name, I highly doubt that Twilight had anything to do with it. In a way the beverage reminded me of Coke-Cola, only it tasted carroty in favor.

"-Yeah, so, training been going fine, though my last few fights have been tough ones," Babs said, taking a sip and placing her soda bottle on the coffee table. "There's this mare, Swift Shot or somethin', she wants ta have a go at me for the championship belt."

"Are you going to fight her, then?"

Babs gave a nod, grinning smugly. "Of course, I'd never turn down a challenge like that." She put up her two fore-hooves and jabbed forward, with blurring speed. "If she wants to meet the hooves of Manehattan's best, I ain't gonna stop her."

"You sound pretty cocky, Babs," I said, turning my head, grinning at the mare. "You sure you aren't letting a few knockouts get to your head?"

"I sure. Believe me I can take some Filly mare, no problem," Babs snorted, before picking up her cola again, drinking it down rather then just sipping it this time.

From what I've heard, Fillydelphia and Manehattan have had a rivalry of sorts, going back to around the time both settlements were founded. No matter what sport; baseball, soccer, and even martial arts. When the two cities met on the field, it got heated, fast. I've seen my fair share of Equestrian football fans to know that for a fact.

The music on the radio changed a moment later, going from one of Sapphire Shores songs, to one of Sweetie Belle's earlier songs from her first ever album.

The beat started off with a saxophone solo, then the drums were added in the background, slow sounding at first, then it began to pick up as it hit the first verse.

"I remember when I was younger,
walking through the streets of this old town,
Always kept my friends close,
As ponies tried to stop me, and keep me down.
So I worked really hard, but no matter what, I always failed.
My sister told me, you've got to try your best, never give up,
and soon you'll get there!
Look at me now, look at me now, I'm on my way.
Look at me now, look at me now, tryin' my hardest everyday!
Through the toughest skies,
up the tallest mountain, I'm on my way,
I'm gonna get there, no matter what those ponies say!"

"No matter how many times I hear it, Sweetie's voice never stops amazing me," Babs Seed commented with a smile.

I nodded, sipping my cola. "I know what you mean," I agreed. A moment later I plainly added. "You ever notice she's singing about Diamond Twat and Silver Douche, right?"

My words had the exact reaction I hoped I'd get. Bads Seed burst out laughing. "Ah ha ha~ oh, Celestia! Did ya really just call em' that!"

"What, it's not like I'm lying, Babs," I laughed as well.

We laughed for a good minute before we calmed back down; Babs was never the one to usually giggle, but when she did, it was kinda cute to hear. It made her sound girlish, a change from her usual tomboyish ways ...or would it be tomcolt ...I'll have to ask about that.

"Oh man, that was funny," the boxing mare giggled as she wiped a tear from her eye with a hoof. "I haven't laughed like that in a while."

"Well, you know me, I'm always here for a laugh~," I said, winking at her.

She grinned, and playfully punched me in the arm. Her grin widening when I rubbed the spot. "Anyway, I've got to get ready to go. The train headed for Manhattan will be here soon." Babs slid off the couch onto her hooves. I got up and walked her to the door, though a part of me was sad to see her leave so soon. "Thanks for the lunch. Ya sure know your way around a kitchen."

"No problem," I replied. I unlocked the door and opened it. "And the next time you're in town, let's go out to eat. I know this great place in downtown Canterlot."

Babs trotted out the door. "Sure. Tell Rose Blossom I said good luck in that new school, she's gonna need it."

"I'll be sure to do that," I replied, waving at her. "Bye, it was good having you again."

"See ya around, Steven." The tan furred mare waved, then began her trot out of the front yard. I closed the door behind her with a sigh. Goodbye friend, hello boredom; though it would only be until work.

"A nap wouldn't hurt," I uttered to myself, after locking the door. So, that's what I did, I went to my room and took a nice long nap before I had to leave for work, with the sound of jazz music as my lullaby.


When I was little, there were a bunch of things I thought I'd be. A cook like my dad, a fireman, the first black president of the United States (totally got beat in the race for that one). I had high hopes that I'd be doing something great with my life.

And I'll tell you right now, being a bodyguard for a five star night club and restaurant was not one of them. Not to say that I hated the job, I was happy to have it. But if you were to ask me is this something I see myself doing, like, five years from now ...uh. No, no it is not.

Regardless on how I felt about it, though. I had a job, and until something better came along, I was going to try my best to keep it.

Nothing happens most of the time, asides from the occasional drunk. But ... today was different.

"Listen, I don't want any of you in my restaurant!"

My head turned when I heard the manager's voice. Shrugging, I walked towards the front entrance to see whatever teenagers he was yelling at this time (you needed an ID to get into this club), only to see that he wasn't yelling at teenagers at all. He was going off on a young zebra couple, and they were both dressed up quite nicely too.

I walked over to my boss, utterly confused. "Um ...is there something wrong here, Silverware?"

My boss, Silverware, turned to me, a scowl ever present on his face. He was a middle aged stallion, short, with a dull gray coat and a graying brown mane. "Of course there's a problem, kid," he muttered, raising his hoof at the two zebras. "These black an' white striped devils really think I'll allow them to eat here. The nerve!"

I frowned at that. The zebra mare gasped, and it was quite apparent that her companion felt just as offended.

"Silverware, now I've know you for a while. We're friends, but I have to speak up and tell you you're not being in the slightest bit fair to them. They are are guest here, or have you forgotten how to treat guests."

"I don't care if they're guest or not, and what's not fair about it! Their whole kind causes problems," Silverware spat, glaring at the two. "If it's not making us ponies fight in a war for our resources, it's somethin' else. I'm done here. So do what I pay you for." He turned with a huff, trotting off towards his office. As he did he muttered loudly, "I want those two stripes out of my building."

I tried to change his mind. This was something he'd never done before, at least not as long as I'd been here. "S-Silverware-."

But he didn't even let me talk past his talk. He turned his head to me and kept trotting. "Now, I mean it! The last thing I want is for them to blowup my restaurant in the name of their Caesar."

I sighed, and turned back to the zebra couple. I could say with complete honesty that I felt utterly embarrassed, not even just for me, but for them as well. That whole scene had almost all of the ponies in the restaurant looking in our direction.

Not to mention that the zebra mare looked like she was about to cry. Poor thing.

"I'm really, truly sorry about that, you two." I gave them my sincerest apology. "He's never acted like that before. I'm not gonna defend him, that was totally out of line. I am really sorry."

"I-it's okay. There is no need for you to apologize, you weren't the one who said those terrible things," the zebra mare said, sadly. She had a slight accent, but she spoke the language perfectly, which meant she was probably Equestrian born.

"This isn't the first time this has happened." The stripped stallion added, angrily. He accent was stronger then the mare's. "I'm so sick of these ponies treating us like this. I came to Equestria for a better life and this is what I get!"

"Look, I feel horrible about this, and if you're not welcome here, I know another place," I said. I pulled out a pencil, and reached over to the desk by the front entrance and tore off a piece of paper. "This place is nice, me and my daughter go there whenever we happen to get the chance. It's a griffin place, but they sell vegetarian if you don't eat meat," I explained as I wrote it down. "Just tell then that Steven sent you," with a whisper. "And if you ask me, the food tastes better then here." I held the paper out to them; the zebra stallion took it with his mouth.

"We'll be sure to take a look," he uttered through his teeth.

The mare nodded. "Yes. And thank you for being so kind to us, Mr. Steven."

I smiled a little. "Don't worry about it. I know things are tough, but I'm sure it'll get better. And again, I'm really sorry about what happened."

"That's quite alright, goodnight to you, Steven."

"Yes, and thank you for this. We appreciate it."

I gave a nod. As the two zebras left out the door, I groaned, rubbing the bridge of my nose. This was something I never wanted to do during this job, throw out a couple of troublemakers, fine. But, to tell someone, or somepony, that they couldn't eat here because they weren't the same as normal ponies. It made my heart feel cold

"Tch, looks like I'll be turning in my badge today," I muttered, walking back to my post. I hope Celestia didn't mind helping me in my little job search after this. Then again, she didn't have a problem with it before.

I just hoped things would get better, soon. This war was twisting Equestria into something ugly that not even the Elements Of Harmony can fix.