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Update + EFNW · 4:35pm Aug 25th, 2022

Well, this year certainly hasn't gone according to plan. Like, at all.

But here I am, still kicking. I do have some updates though (mostly good!) and some EFNW plans.

I have a bad habit of making these wayyyy too long, so I'll try to be brief.

Not so Good News:
*My latest dizziness/sinus flareup (the one that forced us to cancel a vacation earlier this year) finally subsided... near the end of June.
*Finally got referrals approved to a specialist in an area that focuses solely on these sorts of issues, but my appointments weren't until August
*Had to fight the insurance ghouls just to ensure this all got approved at all.

Good news:
*Finally had my appointments in the last couple of weeks and I definitely found the right doctor for this. He and his team are amazing and the care they show really comes through in everything they do. The doctor even called me yesterday to furtyher discuss some theories he had while thinking about my case over dinner. That's kinda cool!
*The battery of tests I underwent recently helped a lot. Mainly by ruling OUT a bunch of stuff, which makes the search going forward that much more focused.
*I have new referrals for some specific (balance related) physical therapy, plus a sleep study and a therapist to work on the anxiety/social aspect of this whole thing. (the idea being: anxiety about this condition can be self-reinforcing doom spiral, which only makes symptoms worse. So mitigating that is one more tool to try)

So while I don't have a silver bullet solution yet, I finally feel like I have the right team of ppl who are peeling the onion back in the right ways to figure this out. Hope springs eternal I guess, lol.

As for EFNW:
*I'll be in my usual spot this weekend, staffing the writing room. Come say hello!

As always, thank you to everyone for their support and patience as I work through all this. I promise I'll publish more, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Glad to hear that you’re having some success with the sinus trouble (I feel you!) and hope they find a solution.

See you at EFNW!

Glad to hear there's finally an optimistic handle on the situation! I think you'll get this beat before too much longer.

It was really great to see you at EFNW, as always. Thanks for the dinner on Saturday night - I still can't believe we got done with Iron Author so fast that a restaurant was still open. :rainbowlaugh:

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