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Videogames - Summer 2022 · 3:50pm June 9th

If you haven’t played the 2018 "God Of War" but you want to and you have a PSPlus subscription, you can add the game to your library for no extra charge.

PSPlus also is giving folks some Naruto game I know nothing about and that Nickelodeon fighting game.

Also, the new PSPlus is launching in North America in a week or so. Anyone currently subscribed will automatically be moved to the basic/essential tier and things will pretty much remain the same. There are two higher tiers with other bells and whistles.

And if you are interested in the upcoming game "Stray" in July, apparently you can download it for no extra charge the day it launches if you have one of the higher tiers.

Summer Game Fest is later today. It’s the start of a multi-day gaming event. Sunday is the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Sony started things off with a noteworthy "State Of Play" last week.

And Sony's "State Of Play" last week.

They opened up with the "Resident Evil 4" remake (which will also be on PSVR2 apparently).

Then they had a segment on four other VR games for PSVR2:
"Resident Evil: Village"
"Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2"
"No Man’s Sky"
"Horizon: Call Of The Mountain"

They also announced a major update for "Horizon Forbidden West".

"Spider-Man" is coming to PC in August.

They showed a new trailer for "Stray".
They showed a new trailer for "The Callisto Protocol" (which is ‘Dead Space’ without using the name basically).
They announced "Rollerdrome" (a Roller Derby combat game).
They announced "Eternights" (An action game/Dating sim).

"Tunic" is coming to PlayStation in September!

They showed off "Street Fighter 6"!

They showed another trailer for "Season".

And they ended with "Final Fantasy 16".

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Summer Games Fest 2022 started yesterday with a two-hour show. I watched (and then re-watched) the show, and here is a list of everything they spotlighted.

The big stuff and known franchises:
The Last Of Us Remake – I haven’t even played the previous releases.
Street Fighter 6 – Guile looks awesome.
Aliens: Dark Descent – A new Aliens game. It could be fun.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – It’s COD.
Saint’s Row – The "Boss Factory" Demo is up. You can create your character for the game launching in August.
WarHammer 40K: Darktide – This game looks like a lot of fun.
Gotham Knights – I’m tired of Batman stuff.
TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge – This will be the most fun game to come out this Summer. 6 Player Mode! Casey Jones! Y’all, let’s do this!
Goat Simulator 3 – Yes, 3. They skipped part 2.
Flashback 2 – A sequel to a 30 year old PC game I never played.
Midnight Suns – A Marvel game.

Big releases of new IP:
The Callisto Protocol – Made by some of the "Dead Space" folks. This is "Dead Space" in pretty much everything but name.
The Quarry – David Arquette and a bunch of other familiar faces in the spiritual successor to "Until Dawn.

DLCs And Expansions:
Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – I LOVE the design of this game, but I have no interest in playing it.
Warframe has a new expansion.
Outriders: Worldslayer – I have no interest in this game.
Fall Guys – It’s going free to play.
Humankind – Play as any of 6 new Latin American cultures.

Fort Solis – Set on Mars. It looks interesting.
Routine – Creepy robots in Space? I’m interested.
Stormgate – shrugs

For The Weebs:
Hankai Starrail AND Zeniless Zone Zero – Two games being made by the Genshin Impact people.
One Piece: Odyssey – I know "One Piece" is a major anime franchise, but that’s all I know.
Soul Hackers 2 – I got nothing.

Now, everything else that doesn’t really fit above…ranked by my interest level:
Highwater – An adventure/strategy game set in a world ravaged by climate change. The design is gorgeous.
American Arcadia – Imagine if you were in "The Truman Show", but so was everyone else in your city, and you had to stay popular or shit will go down. It looks very interesting.
Neon White – You are an assassin from Hell, killing stuff for Heaven. It’s a card-based FPS! It looks awesome.
Nightingale – So, a Victorian survival game mixed with a portal mechanic. It LOOKS great.
Layers Of Fears – A cool-looking horror game.
Super People – A battle royale? Maybe? The trailer has a banger of a song.
Metal Hellsinger – Do you like metal? Do you like Doom, but wish it had more metal? This game is for you! It’s a metal rhythm-based FPS!
Witchfire – Doom, but with medeival weapons and settings.
Midnight Fight Express – An action game. It could be cool.

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