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Special Guest Q&A · 5:30pm January 18th

So l learned a writing technique on knowing your own characters by having others interview that character.

So give a fiery welcome to Lucy Scaldor, the Good-Hearted Totally Evil Demon.

Feel free to ask her questions. Ask away, she won't bite...

I nibble :3

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What's your favorite outfit? The one you're wearing?

How scary can you be? Does anything scare you? Are you a goth?

Hmm, let me see...

Purple and black, purple and black, purple and black...

The black and purple one, I like wearing that one. Pink is my favorite color, but don't tell a tortured soul. 🀭

Is that why your hair is pink? Nice hair you got too

Rawr! ;3

Water, they're like acid to us demons. I don't like it when no one thinks I'm evil either. I still try, my best friend Kyle told me the best way to kill someone is through kindness!

Have a fruit basket, btw...🀭🧺

Hee, I'm totally goth! I'm so goth that–


Thank you!

It's actually all demon's hair color. You should try the Hair-Raiser, it raises your hair with scary images at the salon. Worked wonders for me! πŸ˜±πŸ‘

What do soul taste like?

What do blood taste like?

Are that pointy fingers or claws?

Is her skin smooth or more like scales?

Every impaled someone with the horns?

How old are you? How old do you'r kind get?

What kind of demon are you?

Ever see pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows?

That tail looks sharp... Is it ticklish?

How well can you fly?

If a cat said meow, a dog said wuff and a bird said birrrb... What did a Cat birb raised by Diamond Dogs speaks?

We torture them, not eat 'em, silly!

Father won't let me. That, or gasoline. 😞


I have delightfully smooth skin, but only a demon would know that. Touching one's skin is like putting your paw on a lit stove.

I am 9, still honing my torture skills. Depends on how reckless a demon gets, but the longest I've heard one live is 666 years old, I believe.

Only poked my friend Kyle a lot few times, though all by accident...kinda...

An evil one, obvi! There is one other type I know, one who gains power through compliments and affection. Weird...

That sounds glorious! πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸ’ž

Heh, only thing my tail is used to is roasting marshmallows. Yum!

I say I can fly pretty good. I don't fly high or anything though.

That is a Kyle question, XD

What is your favorite color?
What are your favorite genres of music?
I'm sorry if the questions are repeated.:twilightblush:

Black is a lovely color and all, but I like pink more.

As a demon, I have to say metal...
I listen to pop a little more, but shhhh.🀭

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