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Known as the British Speedfreak, friend of Rainbow Dash, nemesis of Oscura Galaxia and contributor to Burnout Crossovers.

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  • Today

    I was looking on Deviantart and I saw Aria doing drifts on a motorcycle.
    If I did Rainbow Rocks, I would totally include that!

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  • Sunday
    Some information on the Formula Hypercar Series + Possible NASCAR

    1. The number of car will be up from 26 to 52 (Some teams will have 3 or 4 drivers in the race .
    2. The races will be longer so if Monza is 53 laps, so times that by 3 and that's the distance. (159 laps)
    3. At anytime there is a multi-car pileup or Oscura creating the biggest oilspill in existence, the race will be red-flagged till the mess is clear

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  • Friday
    Random # (i forgot)

    If I see a FimFIc user called Oscura Galaxia, I will not be surprised given... (insert Oscura going into the gravel at Austria) you know.

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  • Friday
    An idea popped in my brain + Drivers for the Velocity Hyper GP

    For the next race in Formula Equestria, I'm gonna change it a bit. Instead of using F1 cars, I might use Le Mans Hypercars. It will be called Formula Hypercar Equestria. Also the race will be at the Velocity SuperSpeedway Road Course (Senorita Velocita's idea)

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas (Mercedes-AMG ONE LMP-GT1)
    #6 Sunset Shimmer
    #23 Iris Dayspark

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  • 6 days
    New Profile Pic

    Noticed anything?

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Question · 1:03am Dec 3rd, 2021

What would be your reaction if Danger won the British Grand Prix in 2022.

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