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Hello everypony im yoshifan My favorite character is Yoshi obviously lol but i do like my little pony friendship is magic and zootopia super smash bros Pokémon ( 33 ) ( male ) ( straight )

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    If anybody notice or not really that I've been not active here that much I've been pretty busy and this week was the most up and down roller coaster right now because I just found out that my oldest brother has colon cancer so we hope they can catch it before it spreads but still it was hard on him and his family and even our family but he still won't let this thing beat him hopefully he will get

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    lazarus drug meg washington

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Animal loves Hitch Trailblazer · 1:15am Nov 27th, 2021

I still like that theory about hitch is a distant related to Fluttershy and like he has the same ability as her Maybe not as strong but still it is something

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