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    Klaus 💖

    What happened to him after that...

    How? Why?

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    Heroes Who Were Close to Being Zeroes

    There are two animated characters from most of our childhoods who's behaviors may shake said childhoods to the core.

    Firstly, as some might've already known, is Woody from Toy Story.

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    First Viewing #90

    Encanto: 8/10
    Don't worry, before you Disney skeptics make assumptions, THERE IS NO TWIST VILLAIN.

    King Richard (2021): 7.5/10
    Will Smith still got it...🤗

    Spider-Man (2002): 7.5/10

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    First Viewing #89

    Ghostbusters Afterlife: 7/10
    Too reliant on fan service? ARE YOU JOKING?! This was a good one, 'nuff said!

    The Night House (2021): 7.5/10
    Definitely worth a tense and spoopy watch.

    Scream 4: 7.5/10

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First Viewing #86 · 2:37am October 16th

Halloween Kills: 7.5/10
This is part one, don't expect this to be the end yet...

Scanners (1981): 6/10
Took me a long while to comprehend this supposed "horror" film, it was more tech talk than anything, but not bad.

The Ring (2002): 7/10
Seven daysssssss...

Green Lantern: First Flight: 7/10
At least ALL of it is animated and not just the suit, XD

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Comments ( 3 )

Ah, yes… Halloween Kills. Just saw this today. Liked it, but one or two deaths were kinda… idk, for me. Not my favorites. Probably because I expected them to survive.

(No, not the last one, I had a hunch or was slightly spoiled)

Saw it today, too


Probably will see it again… with a twist ;)

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