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  • Thursday
    First Viewing #90

    Encanto: 8/10
    Don't worry, before you Disney skeptics make assumptions, THERE IS NO TWIST VILLAIN.

    King Richard (2021): 7.5/10
    Will Smith still got it...🤗

    Spider-Man (2002): 7.5/10

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  • Monday


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  • 1 week
    First Viewing #89

    Ghostbusters Afterlife: 7/10
    Too reliant on fan service? ARE YOU JOKING?! This was a good one, 'nuff said!

    The Night House (2021): 7.5/10
    Definitely worth a tense and spoopy watch.

    Scream 4: 7.5/10

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  • 1 week
    First Viewing #88

    Re-Animator (1985): 7.5/10
    Pretty impressive effects for its time.

    Eternals (2021): 6.5/10
    A tad confusing at a few points and it felt as long as it is, but not a bad one.

    Finch (2021): 8/10
    A post-apocalyptic adventure with a dog, a robot, and Tom Hanks? HELL YEAH!

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  • 1 week

    Tiny Twi has invaded your feed.

    Your feed belongs to Tiny Twi now.

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First Viewing #85 · 10:54pm October 12th

Scream 3: 6.5/10
It was alright, really enjoyed the first two. Just the fourth one left to watch.

Natural Born Killers (1994): 6/10
This was trippy af. Imagine Let There Be Carnage, but with no symbiotes.

Cult of Chucky: 7.5/10
Bout to watch the series premiere of the franchise tonight, had to check this one out first.

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I'm not asking for negative opinions here, folks. I don't mind if you like/dislike something, but what's the point in telling me?

We just like sharing with you our views as well

Well it's hard for me to keep my cool hearing "This is the worst, that is the worst" all the time, it's like I can't escape all the negativity with everyone.

I know opinions are opinions and that blah blah blah and that's perfectly fine, but I'm so drained from it all at times, it leaves me with a headache.

The downside to being non-critical, I suppose.

Those people suck!

I want to inform you I’ve never said that and I’m promising right now I will not ever do that.

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