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  • 88 weeks
    Probably won’t be working on stories for a while.

    I am fully in my anime/manga hyperfixation rn and writing fanfic on that, so ponies being held off for a while.

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  • 91 weeks
    Context : I started working at a pre school

    Children are so delightfully stupid 😊

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  • 91 weeks
    I’ve Returned More Dramatic Than Ever!


    Mostly I’m just sticking around to see what everyone is up to. I’m working on stories I conceptualized in my blogs before I dropped off the face of the earth.

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  • 117 weeks

    Y’know, my love for this fandom has definitely gone down since I first joined. I’m also just not interested in writing all that much lately. So you may call this a hiatus or call this me quitting, but I not gonna be very active on here anymore.

    Can I say that I’ll come back fully in the future? Nope. Can I say that I’ll still post and drop new fics/chapters when I feel like it? Probably.

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  • 120 weeks
    Hi I need help

    This is about MLP bloopers stuff.

    I think I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I have an extremely hard time watching movies/shows on my own in their entirety. It’s just not something I can accomplish on my own. This is a problem, since I’m stuck on episode 5 (I think?) of the first season, and I’ve been putting off watching it.

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What are some of your headcanons? · 9:13pm Jan 22nd, 2021

Just out of pure curiosity. This can be about anything in mlp.

My personal favorite of mine is the Royal Changeling headcannon, as well as Thorax and Pharynx being twins.

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Comments ( 6 )

Mine are mostly historical/war headcanons.

Too many to list

But I also agree, Thor and Phar are the changeling equivalent of twins. I also headcanon Ocellus is training to be their Royal Advisor

That's actually a pretty interesting Theory and it makes sense to be honest with you

I headcanon that Pharynx is three years older than Thorax (Thorax would be 18 while Pharynx would be 21)

I head canon Thorax and Pharynx as being Chrysalis's only children, while the rest of the hive is unrelated to her. Ergo, they are the Prince's.

I also head canon Deer as being *super* depressed about the fact that they have no magic while the ponies have all the cool shit lol

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