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Mlp Parenting Headcannons · 6:52am Jan 15th, 2021

These are just headcannons, please don’t get mad at me-


Nothing special, usually one or two ponies are involved in a foals childhood, and are responsible for taking care of them. Ponies are boring, moving on!


Griffon chicks are supposed to be raised by the egg bearer and the sire, but it is common to just see the egg bearer rasing the babies on their own.

It’s also is common for Griffons to abandon their eggs in others’ nest to avoid responsibilities. It’s similar to Cowbirds in real life, they leave their eggs in another Griff’s nest to take care off. All eggs look the same, and most Griffons don’t want to run the risk of accidentally killing off their own offspring in order to get rid of the brood parasite, so they often just reluctantly take them in.

Other times, Griffons also just leave their eggs out in the streets. It’s rare for eggs to last long on the cold roads without shelter, but surprisingly many unborn chicks tend to be very resilient. Many times, fledglings are found out and about with a parent or guardian around, often not having one in the first place.


Usually raised only by the egg bearer, dragons are very territorial and protective. Siblings often get in squabbles or gems or rocks, often escalating into physical fights.

Mothers are supposed to help mediate the situation, often having to take the brunt of the attacks just to calm her children down.

If a dragon doesn’t have siblings, there tend to be spoiled by their mother. Often times this can result in greed, causing the dragon to long for more treasures, and fighting with their own parent for said treasures.

When a dragon molts, they are kicked out of the cave for a few days, left to fend for themselves. If they were raised right, most of them would come back safe with new wings. If raised poorly, those dragons become easy targets for predatory animals like Timberwolves and Rocs.

After gaining wings, they officially ‘leave the nest’ and start living on their own.


Yaks do have parents, but are also communally raised by the rest of the village. They consider everyone family, and everyone to be worth protecting.

The leader of the village is usually the one Yak who has been around the longest, but that isn’t always the case. Even so, they are treated with respect and are the equivalent to the elders. Are usually very wise and can give insight to younger Yak generations.

Snelldartfest is only celebrated by a yak’s immediate family, mother, father, and siblings. Elderly yaks usually can not make the journey to where the Snelldartfest is held, so family members will bring back a small souvenir so they are reminded that they aren’t forgotten.


Under Chrysalis’ rule, and really any ruler before Thorax, changelings were raised communally, mostly by Nursery Drones and Healers. Unlike Yaks, however, this isn’t to promote familial bonds, but rather to distant them from that.

Changeling larvae and nymphs see each other as competition for survival, often the strongest ones survive. If a member of the clutch was weak and defenseless, they are usually cannibalized by there broodmate alive.

Under Thorax’s rule, where love energy is much more abundant, changelings have mellowed out in ways. No longer do changelings feel like everyone is a competition, but rather a new buddy that they can hang out with. Larvae and nymphs no longer cannibalize because there is no need to anymore.

Changelings still raise the young communally, but now parents of said younglings are more active in their lives. Clutches are actually kept tracked off now, so they know who’s is who’s. Still, Thorax acts as the hives parental figure, with Pharynx being a Guardian Angel of sorts (minus the personality). Both take turn watching over the nymphs when workers get exhausted, Pharynx more reluctantly than Thorax.

The hive as become more friendly now, for both outsiders and insiders.


When hippogriffs have eggs, it’s usually the father who watches over them while the mother’s hunt for supplies and food. Usually, egg season is around the winter times, so fathers, who have thicker feathers and fur, keep the eggs warm through the climate changes.

Mothers will than take are of the chicks when they hatch, leaving the father to go out for the first time in months. Parents are never very far from their chicks, shielding them from any dangers that may come there way.

When the Storm King attacked and Hippogriffs had to retreat and turn into Seaponies, everything stayed about the same.

Fathers still cared for the eggs, only now they would cary them in a hidden pouch on their stomachs, staying like that until the eggs hatched. Much like seahorses, the hatching sea ponies will be shot out of the pouch by the carrier, helping to open up the shell of the egg so the sea ponies can come out.

Now that Mount Everest was back to normal, and seaponies and hippogriffs live together, parenting styles are a bit mixed. Some use sea pony parenting, some use hippogrif parenting, both both are equally welcomed!

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Ooh, I like it!

Interesting Headcanons. :twilightsmile:

Oh wow thats cool what about Buffalo crystal ponies Diamond Dogs Breezies cat deer zebra and Kelpie and bat pony

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