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    Note: This blog was inspired by one of my favorite authors on FiMFiction: Johng117

    Unknown POV



    That's the first thing I see and hear at my birth, if you can call it that...

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Experimental Trouble · 3:21am January 8th

Note: This blog was inspired by one of my favorite authors on FiMFiction: Johng117

Unknown POV



That's the first thing I see and hear at my birth, if you can call it that...

Though my eyes were shut, a red light was pulsing through my eyelids, beckoning me to take a peek. I feel light, almost weightless, as if I feel as though I am floating in space. The thoughts in my mind processed slowly, seeming to squeeze themselves through a thin tube. 

I started to take deep breaths, my chest rising and falling, the thoughts became clearer. I was gaining consciousness, and my curiosity forced me to open my eyes. I soon realized that I was indeed floating, though it was not in mid-air as I had originally suspected. Rather, I was stuck in some sort of red, bubbly liquid, contained in a glass.

From behind the glass that contained me, I saw creatures staring back. Though I was not sure how, I assumed that they were humans. I failed to recall how I had learned this, nor was I sure of why I was stuck in a glass cylinder. This in turn troubled me deeply.

I shut my eyes again. I feel the life being being sucked out of me, and before I could fully process what was occurring, I felt myself drifting off.


I want to hang on, to continue to ponder this dilemma, when I heard movement from outside of my container. People were speaking.

"Sir, look at this," a female voice said sharply.

"What?" "Its brainwaves. They're surging!"

"Let me see." A moment's silence, and then, "She's right!"

Several voices broke out at once.


"Let's run another scan!"

"Its mind is racing!"

I cracked my eyes open again, and my vision was blurrier than before. All I could hear was the babble of loud voices. Strange images were racing through my mind. I saw myself swimming through clear, blue water. My body was lithe, supple, and very small.

‘Those voices,’ I thought, forcing the images from my head. They confused me, and I had to concentrate on what was taking place around me.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to escape as I felt my body shake and my eyes burn. The glass surrounding me began to crack, and a siren went off in the distance. Finally, as the people began to turn their heads, the glass shattered, releasing the liquid from the tube. I sat cross-legged as it pooled to the floor, and I took in my first breath of sharp air. It stung my nose, but it filled my chest and allowed my thoughts to become sharper and clearer. I observed the people around me; I was frightened of them, though I knew not why. The air felt chilly, and so I drew my legs closer to my body.

"Everyone, quiet!" a man's voice rang out. "Let us witness its powers!"

The people gathered around me, and I was capable of making out their faces. The one in the middle was a tall, young scientist in his 30’s with black hair. He also has a short curly beard and figure is muscular and well defined. He was also wearing glasses, giving him an intelligent appearance.

The others around him were dressed in clothes that would fit a science laboratory, and other than the man who seemed to be in charge, they were all eyeing me with apprehension.

"Powers..?" I asked softly.

I wasn't sure what he meant, and I thought back to how I had just escaped. Was that a demonstration of these "powers"?

"After many failed experiments of trying to create the most powerful creature," the man explained, "you are one of the first to succeed."

He motioned with a sweep of his arm to the wall opposite them, where a strange portrait hung. It seemed to be very old. In the portrait was a group of Kaiju monsters.

"From their genetic materials, we created you as the most complete: TM 84.”

I looked at the portrait. "Are any of them my parents?" 

"You can say that, but not really. You've been made stronger based on them."

This surprised me at first. It then became a feeling of disgust.

"So am I just a copy? A shadow of the originals?"

"Quite the opposite! You are far greater than them," the man assured him. "You have been improved through artificial and genetic means. We used the most advanced technologies to develop your astonishing powers and abilities. You were created with them as a base and made even stronger."

"So if I have no mother or father, then was it Him? Are you saying that He created me..?”

"In this world, the only ones that can create new life are humans and Him."

My eyes then narrowed. "So what becomes of me now that your experiment is over?" 

"Oh, our experiment isn't over yet—it's just beginning!” He said with excitement. “Now the serious testing begins!"

I curled my very young body into a tighter ball, glaring at them furiously. My mind was besieged with the hate that I felt, and I could think of nothing else. I didn't want to know how I had been created, or how I had learned to speak. I didn't want to know more about these people, or any of this.

‘These humans.. they care nothing for me..’ 

I continued to watch as the scientists around me began to shake one another's hands, applauding their members for their efforts. They were smiling and laughing, rambling on about the work they had done and what they had achieved. My eyes narrowed at this display, and I looked down at my hands. 

Clenching my five digits together, I continued to listen to their self-congratulations, and strange images began to appear in my head again. I was floating through the clouds, light as a feather, heading over to a mountain.

I was mentally free...

Instead of brushing away the images like last time, I embraced them, allowing each one to fuel my anger.

‘Who am I? Where is this place?,’ I continue to think. 

Is this why I was created? Am I just a mere specimen?! Why was I born?!’

I didn’t want to be used as a tool. I wanted to be liberated, and to drift about peacefully, high in the sky. I had no intention of being trapped in a laboratory like a rat. I started to sit up straighter, and felt the energy pulsing through my body once again.

Glass containers around the laboratory room were beginning to crack, and as the energy flowing through me grew stronger. I felt my body levitate into the air. Before the people could react, I spread my arms out wide, and all those around me immediately flew back, yelling in surprise. My powerful energy, taking the shape of an indigo aura that surrounded me, let loose a current of raw power, and several machines in the room caught fire. The security system tried to hold me with mechanical arms, but with no more than a flick of my hand I forcefully pushed them away.

I snapped my head to the left and the right, each time causing the walls in both directions to crumble. The scientists were attempting to fight back, but to no avail. I reveled in their panic, as I scanned the crowd in order to find the man in charge, and before long I spotted him through a sheet of flames. Breaking through the latter with ease, I stared down at the panting man.

"To make the strongest creature ever..," the man breathed to himself, “that was our dream..”

As fury welled up inside of me like an unstoppable force, I let all of my energy rush out of my body, and watched as a beam of burning light burst through the ceiling of the laboratory. There was one colossal detonation, which shook the very core of my being, and then smoke began to drift all around me.

I was standing in the rubble of the laboratory, and the stench of burning metal reached my nose. What had once been a powerful, luxurious facility was now reduced to nothing.

“Who am I?” I asked myself, staring at the sky. “What is my true reason for existing..?”

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