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I’m just a wanderer, or like a ghost. Hopping in and out…

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  • 10 weeks
    New Story Idea

    It was a beautiful night in the city of Paris, France. The city is filled with street lights and quiet noises from crickets chirping, and the Eiffel Tower resides as the emblem of the city.

    However, there are two individuals standing on one column of said tower. 

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  • 25 weeks
    My Birthday

    I can’t believe today’s my birthday!! :twilightsmile:

    Strange, but exciting. I just can’t believe that it’s today.

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  • 76 weeks
    The Elements of Harmony & the Pillars

    After watching the Season 7 finale of MLP: FiM, here are my thoughts on how the Elements of Harmony and the Pillars’ Virtues have similar traits to each other:

    1. Honesty & Strength:
    It takes a strong heart and will to keep choosing to tell the hard truth instead of an easy lie.

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  • 77 weeks
    It’s Today

    I can’t believe that today’s my birthday..

    It’s really surprising.. :twilightblush:

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  • 89 weeks
    New OC Idea

    I was thinking of making a new OC.

    Phantom Equine

    Male (Stallion)

    Type of Pony:

    Eye Color:
    Unknown (Hidden by his Mask)

    Mane Color
    Jet Black

    Fur Color:
    Dark Blue

    Short Description:
    I based him off of the Phantom Stranger from DC Comics.

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It’s Today · 4:54am Aug 4th, 2021

I can’t believe that today’s my birthday..

It’s really surprising.. :twilightblush:

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