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MLP G4 Retrospective: Season 1, Episodes 5 & 6 - Griffon the Brushoff and Boast Busters · 2:08am Sep 2nd, 2020

Sorry for not posting this last week, things got a little hectic. To make it up, I’ll do two installments this week.

Griffon the Brushoff

I don’t have a lot lot to say about this episode to be honest. I’ve noticed that Twilight was kind of shoehorned into this episode, which from what I remember will be a recurring trend for the rest of this season. She doesn’t really do anything here except piss Pinkie off and then apologize to her at the end. This episode did a good job of showing how Pinkie is smarter than she looks. Not only has she apparently built her own helicopter but she was able to carefully manipulate events at the party to show Gilda being the bitch she really is. I also like how she has standards when it comes to planking and refuses to mess with Fluttershy. It’s a really small scene but I think it adds to her character. Rainbow Dash being oblivious makes sense. When you’ve been friends with someone you get used to how they act, even if it comes across as douchey to others. I find Twilight’s dismissal of Pinkie odd. Why would she ignore what one of her close friends is saying about someone she has yet to even meet? It makes Twilight look even more socially retarded than usual. Other than that, I like the way Pinkie is able to get Rainbow and Twilight to see how bitchy Gilda is, and the moral is good. Good episode, just not a lot to say.

Boast Busters

I’m just going to come right out and say I hate this episode. Trixie literally did nothing wrong. She was just putting on a show and Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow decided to fuck with her for “showing off.” Apparently these mental midgets don’t understand she was just putting on a show and it was an act. Given how they treat Trixie, it’s not surprising that Twilight was reluctant to use any magic in front of her friends. Did she go a little too far putting them in their place? Perhaps, but they did interrupt her show several times and tried to shut it down. Snips and Snails simp for Trixie, and in their infinite wisdom, decide to bring an Ursa Minor right into town so they could see her “vanquish it.” Apparently no one in Ponyville grasps the concept of storytelling or “making shit up cuz it sounds cool.” It really bothers me that the episode tries to demonize Trixie when she was the one being harassed by the town. If there’s anything nice to say about this episode, I do like the design of the Ursas. Fuck this episode. Easily the worst one so far.

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