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Sad News and Hopeful News · 2:26am Aug 13th, 2020

Time to get straight to the point guys. The fact is, I dropped the ball on my proposed script. I love the way I wrote it and I like to add more to it, but as a one contributor to Dino, it was getting very taxing to me.

I'm incredibly grateful to those writers who contributed to last couple of stories, and I'm sorry for letting both them and you down by stealing his story. But the script was proving to be too big of a drain on me.

The story kept getting more and more complicated as I tried to make it fit for the story. I kept running into writers block and struggled in my research of countries and their religion, and it became such a creative drain on me that I lost interest in it completely, and if I don't have the ideas to add something, I can't make it, and I certainly can't make it well, which is both what you the audience and the religion and it's peoples deserve.

Something respectful fought out and inspiring others to learn more about those religions on their own. Since I'm currently unable to give you that, I have decided to drop the script for the time being. Likewise, I will not be doing any changes to my script on a weekly, monthly, or even by monthly basis. I will not be showing you any of my ideas unless I complete a full script for Fantasia 2000, and likewise, I will be condensing scripts into more manageable times. Three scripts per story, tops unless there's a special occasion. The scripts will also be five minutes or less as that would drastically reduce the amount of work I have to put into a story.

That being said, while I maybe dropping my script for now, if anyone is willing to take up the final scripting on my behalf, I will happily pass the reigns off. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Now, I am going to try and start pumping life back into the Disney crossover series. Not with my script, at least not yet, but a series called The Engines Adventures in the Disney Chronicles, then the Elder Scrolls Adventures in the Disney Chronicles, and later expanding to stories featuring Abacus Sum in his years following his recovery. Yes we are still planning on doing that, there's just a lot of things to consider and I have to transcribe entire episodes into workable scripts for this, so this is going to take a while. And while the episodes come out very regularly I'll be working on little tidbits for Fantasia 2000 scripts to be released at random.

With any luck and a good dose of adrenaline in my ideas, we'll get the Fantasia 2000 script up and running again.

Thanks for your support and here's helping.

See you soon.

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I know what you feel.

Just to be clear, I haven't asked for a co-writer. Except A Man Undercover for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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