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Nostalgia Critic: The Animated Lord of the Rings · 10:35pm August 12th

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I've never watched this version, and I so need to.



you're welcome.

as for my thoughts on it: it's... interesting for it's time. they had to strip a lot of Two Towers out to make it work, but it's not bad. it's better then the animated Hobbit and Return of the King. Who wants to see Musicals?! and in the Hobbit, the dwarves all look the same. as crummy as Jackson's take is, at least you could tell who was who.

plus, this was a good song. shows how corruptible the Ring was

and here is something i learned about the books: all the novels continue into whenever Tolkien wanted to end them at- Fellowship ended with them leaving Lothlorian and Two Towers began with the Uruk-Hai ambush and Boromir's death.
Two Towers ends with Pippin gazing into the Palantir and Frodo being captured by first Shelob, then the Orcs. Return of the King begins with Minas Tirith being attacked and Sam's rescue mission.
so as far as Fellowships and Two Towers endings go, Jackson chose wisely

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