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Six Years... · 5:56pm July 9th

26 stories and 1,034 (as of this blog) blogs later....I'm still in it for the Long haul!

You know what this calls for?......

.....A PARTY!!!!!

It's time to start the music. It's time to light the lights! It's time to get things started on---hehe whoops! Wrong program! What I meant was!

I thank you all for 6 years of putting up with my crazy self!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 18 )

Still writing. Still loving the show.



Huzzah! We shall endure the ages!

Huzzah huzzah!

All of that!
We're already almost a year post show...we can handle it!
Many Huzzahs!!

Glad to hear it.

But, are you still there for a chat?

Sorry. I've been really busy with IRL situations.

It's fine, just wanted to be sure everything's alright:twilightsmile:

Indeed we can! We have the memories, the fiction, hope, and each other! :yay:

and with that we shall withstand the test of time!

Absolutely (even when G5 eventually occurs)!

Curious. What do you think it will bring when it comes around?

Well there's the thing. Each Generation has been vastly different than the one before it. Take for example My Little Pony Tales and G3 My Little Pony. Both have some influence of modernization, yet MLP Tales UPS that to like 100 with additions of cars, cities and other "modern" (for 1992 anyways) amenities. G3 MLP is also modernized, yet is also heavily influenced by the magical fantasy aspects. G4 MLP:FiM combined both and added an extra flair with the addition of lore to the mix. Almost like with G1 in that regards. So truthfully I can't completely predict how G5 will present itself, yet I know I'll be happy when it does (not to say that G4.5 [a.k.a Pony Life] isn't with it's fair share of laughs and awkwardness....immediate flashbacks to G3.5. ya know the "chibi ponies"?).

So we could be getting anything.
I too await to see what the next generation holds

Indeed. The possibilities are limitless at this point!

it's exciting to think and speculate

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