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In Loving Memory of Forces' Sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn, a Hero and World War 2 Icon who Inspired us All. Britain Won't be the Same Without You · 9:58am June 18th

Today, on this morning of 18th June, 2020, the British nation mourns the loss and celebrates the life of Dame Vera Lynn, a wartime Forces' entertainer and singer, who died at the ripe age of 103. She was an inspirational figure during World War 2 and she kept up the hope that we'll all get through the dark times and come out better than we were before. Without her morale-boosting efforts, we'd all be lost.

Vera Lynn was a very lovely woman with such a legendary voice. I only know her from my grandmother, and from those school trips we'd take to old army camps, such as Fort Paul and Eden Camp. We'd sit in a barracks with a little puppet stage in the front and there would be a puppet of Vera Lynn that'd come up and dance around while we all sang along with her to her most recognisable and famous song, We'll Meet Again. Such good times. This said song is the song that both me and my grandmother share as our song. When I bought her the album, she'd be playing it and singing to it while she'd be cleaning her bedroom.

I'm not sure if many of you over there in America know of or have heard of Vera Lynn before and what she meant to Great Britain, but she was such an inspiration to every single one of us in our darkest of times when we were all uncertain of the future and what was going to happen to us, whether that we were to be conquered and slaughtered by Nazis or if we were simply going to be wiped off the face of the Earth. But Vera was a hero to us all, and even after her passing, she's the oldest person to get a Top 40 album in the UK once her Greatest Hits album came back up into the charts at Number 30.

She has done so much in her life and has helped raise money during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, even at her age. She was a born fighter that truly brought out the best in most people, even when things were dark and gloomy and seemed like there would be no tomorrow to see light again. In Britain, we won't ever forget about her or any of her accomplishments, or what she meant to all of us. She was our Forces' Sweetheart.

RIP, Vera Lynn. Keep on smiling through, just like you always do. 🇬🇧🌹💙

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Any warrior who died with their honor intact is welcome through the Sekigara gates. To DAME VERA LYNN!

She was born the same year as my Great Uncle, who had been killed in France in August of 1944 fighting the fascist threat of the axis powers.

She sounds like an incredible woman with an incredible voice. She deserves a peaceful rest and remembrance

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