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I played Lakeview Cabin · 4:16am Jun 14th, 2020

I just realized how many games I've played recently with a zombie/horror/death theme to them. Nothing more to say, I just noticed.

This week it's Lakeview Cabin

Ever wanted to play a horror movie? This really gets the feel of an old horror movie for me. You're alone on an island, taking care of the cabins on said island. You've got a bit of time to figure things out and wander around. It's not too difficult to figure out how to play, it's arrow keys to move, Z to pick things up, and X to use them. Some items interact with others or the environment, and I still don't know how to get the key in the outhouse. (I did not consult a walkthrough.)

After a little time to explore and get comfortable with your surroundings, the horror music kicks up and if you look around you find a dead woman slowly coming after you. You'll probably die the first time, don't worry about that. There's no punishment for dying so now that that's out of the way you can get about using the items nearby.

"Press O to summon her" pops up after you die, I think they anticipated that nobody would get this on the first try.

This is kind of a puzzle horror game: You need to figure out how to save yourself using what you have available. Like an ax, some beer, a bucket, wood, a lawn mower, a bear trap, the list goes on and I'm positive I haven't found everything.

Now in theory there's multiple ways you can win this, I've only been able to figure out one way.

It's pixel graphics which doesn't work against the game. Graphics alone do not build a game's atmosphere. Because of these graphics there's thankfully not much definition if you choose to strip your character. I still don't know why that's an option. Maybe going by a horror movie survival guide (I think I saw it years ago on Cracked) that states full frontal male nudity immediately changes it from a horror to a comedy.

The game is pretty fun, and got a startle scare out of me when the dead woman showed up. I liked trying as many different ways to survive as I could, even though most ended in failure.

It's got a sequel on Steam if you want to check that out too.

Not too much to say, this was a fun and simple game, worth checking out if you're into this genre.

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sounds like at least worth seeing for myself

It's free and not too long. No harm in checking it out.

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