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(Hopefully this Bio is here to stay) Young College Student Studying Metallurgy, Crazy Of Monsters and Men fan, Ponies way too much on his off-time.

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Update · 10:12pm Jun 13th, 2020

Well, that was quite a hiccup. I didn’t expect that fimfic would be down during the time that I post another chapter, but I’m glad it is back up.

I’ve been contemplating re-arranging my profile tab for some time, since the layout needs to be re-worked (and frankly, there are some users out there I’m getting inspiration from. So, to keep this short, I’ll make a post later that will become the featured post. This will help the peeps that visit my page know what times I post and where I stand with the projects I have on board. Plus, it helps keep me on track and pushing to improve what I do.

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