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Huge fan of dark fics, has a form of autism, has a YouTube channel, a fan of fnaf, a very good singer, and my profile pic is of my own custom OC toy

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Fnaf story coming out sometime during the year. · 5:46am May 23rd

Hey guys!

First blog post so I want to make it quick. Sometime during 2020, I will be releasing a brand new fic that is going to be way longer than my other fics and I’m very proud on how much progress I’ve made over the past few months with writing at school whenever I have the opportunity, though with quarantine from COVID-19 going on I’ve never worked on it since the last time I’ve been at school. I’m thinking I might work on it sometime during the next week. Also for those of you who follow me on youtube, i’m Going to be uploading a whole lot more content to make up for my hiatus while being at my mom’s house for about 2 months, so expect some content coming your way here soon. That’s all for now, stay safe out there!!!!!

Rainbow Sparkle

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