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Sneak Peek (And A Contest Ad) · 8:57pm May 15th

You may recall me advertising a writing contest I'm hosting on my nsfw account. I wanted to find a way to give you guys a reason to care about that contest, so I decided I'd write a story to show you guys the sort of thing you could enter. I'm not sure if I'll get the actual story out in time, so here's a little snippet to tide you ever, and hopefully get you excited both for the contest and the coming (admittedly a little weird) story.


"Two-forty-seven! Two-forty-eight! Two-forty-nine! Two-fifty!"

Aria brought herself up in her last crunch before her break, falling onto her back as soon as she heard Pinkie finish the count and begin applauding. She rolled her eyes at Pinkie's excitement, but didn't have the energy just then to address it. Her workout was only about half done, but she desperately needed a short rest and a cold drink of water. Luckily, Pinkie was already there in the living room waiting for her, tossing an ice-cold bottle of water to Aria's prone form. Even as gassed as she was, Aria still had plenty of energy and presence of mind to catch the bottle out of the sky, unscrew the cap, and take a big, heavy gulp. The water was so cool, refreshing, satisfying, that Aria could almost feel the aches and burns fade away.

"You know, I can count on my own," remarked Aria. Pinkie just giggled, diving forward and sliding to a stop next to Aria.

"But you're a cheater! How could I tell if you really did all two-fifty?" asked Pinkie, squinting at Aria with a faux-suspicion. "You mighta only did twenty and just skipped a bunch of numbers when I wasn't paying attention. I gotta keep you honest!"

"What are you, my manager? Besides, I'm not working out for a marathon or something. If I slack on my routine, I'll get my ass kicked." Aria rolled her eyes at Pinkie's "concern", even though she knew it was all in jest. She couldn't help but get a bit annoyed at the notion that she wasn't taking this seriously. She was supremely committed, and she didn't like when anyone brought that into question, be it Pinkie or Adagio, or anyone in between. "I'm not fucking around here, Pie."

"Yeah, you said it. I still can't get over how strong you got! Not that you were soft and squishy before, but..." Pinkie shimmied a bit closer to Aria, poking her midriff with a finger. Aria's body was toned, solid, not a bit of fat to be seen. Even without flexing, Aria's abs were still incredibly well-defined, their perfection only accentuated by the light sheen of glistening sweat that clung to her body. All of Aria's body was similarly toned, but it was always the abs that Pinkie seemed to be fixated on. She had asked Aria on several occasions to let her try to grate cheese using her six-pack, and she was always disappointed to receive the same answer. "It's really crazy. I didn't realize people could get a six-pack like that without photoshop. What's your secret?" Pinkie turned over onto her belly, resting her chin in her palms and batting her lashes at Aria. "I promise not to tell anyone..."

"My secret? An innate desire to not get knocked the fuck out the second I step in the ring," sighed Aria, shutting her eyes for a short rest. She could hear Pinkie whine, and she quickly went to deliver a slightly more satisfactory answer. "I dunno, man, I never really thought about it. I guess the secret is... Desire? You have to really want it. More than you want anything else, you need to want this."

"You mean there's nothing you want more in the world than to be totally shredded?" asked Pinkie suspiciously. Aria glanced at her from between her mostly-closed eyelids and shrugged.

"Maybe a couple of things... But you know what I mean. I don't want to lose, so I have to bust my ass to put myself at the top of my game." Aria could feel Pinkie's hands run up her middle, her soft fingers trailing up the ridges of Aria's six-pack, and she let out a tiny laugh. "Remember, Pie. Looking is free, but touching is gonna cost you." To Aria's surprise, Pinkie yanked her hand away, letting out a tiny, squeaking apology. Aria cracked her eyes open, just in time to see Pinkie avert her eyes. Try though she might to hide it, Aria could still easily see the warm blush on Pinkie's cheeks. In the last year since bumping into Pinkie again, Aria wasn't sure if she ever saw her embarrassed like this. After a moment, she reached for Pinkie's wrist, guiding her hand back to the six-pack she was previously caressing. "What, you're the only one who can make jokes? Lighten up, Pie. If I didn't want you touching me, you'd know. You couldn't lay a finger on me if I didn't want you to."

"Huh? How's that?"

"You do remember I'm a cagefighter, right?"

"Yeah, but... I dunno, I've only ever seen you spar that one dude at the gym," said Pinkie with a shrug. "So I guess I don't know how good you really are. No offense."

"Heh. Fair enough. Here, I'll show you," said Aria with a devious grin. She closed her eyes completely, spreading her arms out to her sides. "Go ahead, Pie. Try to touch me."

"I mean, I'm pretty fast." Pinkie slowly reached her hand forward, intending to give Aria's toned, solid belly a quick poke before retreating. "I bet I can— EEP!"

As soon as Pinkie's finger brushed against Aria's skin, she leaped into action. She grabbed Pinkie by the wrist and quickly spun around, pulling Pinkie between her legs. Aria swung her legs around Pinkie's head, hooking one of her legs over the foot of the other and using her solid, powerful legs to squeeze Pinkie into a triangle choke. Pinkie was many things, but a fighter, she was not, so Aria knew better than to cinch in a real choke, but she figured even a weak, sloppy hold would be more than enough to prove her point.

"You wanna tap out now, or should I start squeezing?" asked Aria with a cocky grin. Pinkie didn't say anything at first, so Aria squeezed her legs a bit tighter, giving Pinkie plenty of opportunity to feel the bulge of Aria's muscles tightening against her body. Pinkie let out a tiny little whisper, something Aria couldn't quite make out. "What's that, Pie? Was that 'uncle' I heard?"

"P-please..." moaned Pinkie. "Harder, Mommy..."

Aria's brain froze as it clicked in her head what Pinkie had said, and she immediately released the hold. She scrambled back, her face blooming bright red as she clambered away. Her embarrassment changed in nature when she realized that Pinkie was laughing as she sat herself up. Pinkie could barely pull herself up, she was laughing so hard, doubled over and clutching her stomach at Aria's horrified expression. Finally, Pinkie managed to sit herself up, wiping a tear from her eye as she cackled.

"Woo, you should see your face!" laughed Pinkie. "You can make jokes, but never forget who the master is."

"You're the worst..." groaned Aria, scowling as her ears burned. "I thought I might've been hurting you!"

"No, you didn't. You knew you were hurting me." Pinkie gave Aria a sultry little wink, which only served to worsen Aria's blush. "You thought I liked it. Not to say I didn't like it, but I think it's too soon to say for sure. Maybe after a nice dinner date and a couple of drinks..."

"Why the hell do I hang out with you?"

"Cause the gym is closed and your living room isn't big enough for you to work out in," said Pinkie with a grin. Aria groaned, falling back to avoid looking at Pinkie for a second longer. "You weren't kidding, though. You slapped that triangle doo-dad on me quicker than a hiccup! I don't think anyone stands a chance against you."

"Most fighters aren't gonna sit there and grope my abs," noted Aria.

"That's their loss."

A beeping cell phone cut into the girls' conversations, the alarm Pinkie had set to keep them on track. She pulled her phone from the endless void that was her hair and dismissed the alarm before standing up and offering a hand to Aria. After just a half-second of consideration, Aria accepted Pinkie's hand and let herself be pulled to her feet. She grabbed up her water and took another sip, more than a little pleased that something would be coming along to move them past this somewhat awkward situation.

"What's next?" asked Aria.

"Cardio," said Pinkie, frowning slightly. "And you're sure I have to do your jog with you?"

"Yep. You wanted me to help you slim down, and I'm not gonna let anyone say I'm bad at my job. So get your running shoes on and get stretching while I pack up water and stuff." Aria looked at Pinkie, who had visibly deflated, and rolled her eyes. "If you match your best time, I'll buy you lunch tomorrow. Deal?"

Pinkie flashed her friend a grin, raising her fist up to Aria. The two fist-bumped before Pinkie turned to grab her shoes from beside the couch.

"Challenge accepted."

This is what I'm working on, and an idea of what you can submit to my Muscle Mania Contest. Any story with a focus on physical fitness is valid. Even proportions as mild as Aria here is good to go for the contest. There's still time to enter and claim a cash prize, and you don't have to necessarily the best writer out there to do well, so check out the group and throw your hat into the ring.

Good luck, and I'll see you soon.

Good-bye and Goodnight

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