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Just your average lover of MLP. TwiDash and Sci-Set are my fave ships. I LOVE romance stories. Shoot me a message if you wanna know more 😉 I look forward getting to know all of you.

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Thinking about writing my first story · 5:10am Apr 3rd, 2020

Evening, everypony.

Recently I have been thinking about writing my first fanfic on here. I'm VERY nervous, however... As most of you have a better grasp as to how all of these lovely characters should be written. I am almost certain I wanna do a TwiDash fic, but I'm not sure what to write. I'll be doing most of my writing on my phone... Since my laptop kinda went kaput. But I was gonna make the ladies as humanized. Any ideas would be very welcome.

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Just write for fun, make mistakes, and get better from them. Also read a lot.

I am almost always here on Fimfiction reading new stories. I've actually been hooked on Anthro stories as of late, as well as stories about Celestia and Twilight.

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