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  • 188 weeks
    Made a new book uwu for the farther land!

    Hey guys its me Dave who ^^
    this is just a new post about a new book am doing on wattpad and id possible this one.
    The new book is called Bismark lost in equestria I have already posted. Only posted the desperation and the first chapter.

    here's a link to read. https://www.wattpad.com/story/251027732-bismark-lost-in-equestria

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  • 190 weeks
    Hey guys where are the chapters??

    Hey guys sorry for not posting anything for awhile. But there is good news. I have the first three chapter release but on here. For some reason its not letting my submit it i think there some problems. But i have another website where you can read the chapters. I will link it in this blog.
    Here are some updates so know.

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  • 226 weeks
    owo a pic

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  • 226 weeks
    Some delay

    Hey guys its DaveWho 2020 chapter one might take longer to realise. My editor is going through something so chapter one might get out as soon as i want. On other news the cover art should be down shortly. Don't worry it will be out but as soon as possible.

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  • 226 weeks
    Chapter 2 is done.

    Hey guys its me DaveWho2020 again I finished chapter 2 and soon be working on chapter 3.
    Chapter one will be out as soon as the cover will be done and when the editing is done i post it as soon as possible. Again i like to thank my friends jolt and cole for helping me. Jolt editing the chapters and cole is doing the cover art.

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My First fanfic coming soon · 7:06pm Mar 19th, 2020

Hi guys it's me DaveWho2020 am Typing up my first fanfic the first chapter is coming up soon i have done but its being currently edited. Am almost done with the second chapter and start the third chapter soon hopely diving into the main character past and what happen. The fanfic is called "The Adventure of Dave Whooves and Princess Luna" by title you know whos the main characters are. Dave Whooves is an inventor who lives in pony town and works down in his lab. He uses a time gun which opens portals to other times and places. This the first time doing a fanfic i put work into it and thanks a friend whos editing my fan fic i hope you enjoy the first chapter soon ^^

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