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Love dark stories in general, love MLP:FiM more than any fandom I have been in before, dabble in Battletech, Warhammer 40k, background in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Psychology and a Philosophy.

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  • 3 weeks
    Chapter 14 is live!

    So, yes the new Pony movie is out, not going to spoil it, but, go watch it. Pony is back and the ride never ends!

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  • 7 weeks
    Chapter 13 is live!

    Just in case anyone missed it, chapter 13 is now live! Editing on chapter 14 will be starting tomorrow or tonight, and I have some work to do on cleaning up chapter 15, but chapter 14 effective end of the first arc. And yeah given as I have mentioned before there are some 85 chapters

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  • 8 weeks
    Update on Ranger of Seamane

    Good news, not dead!

    Next chapter is being edited at this very moment, so likely it will be out by next Sunday.

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  • 13 weeks
    Chapter 12 is live!

    Chapter 12 is now out for Ranger of Seamane, bit lighter on the word count but that was due to it was originally one longer chapter and now split into two smaller chapters. Trying to keep things from too often hitting the 10k mark, or really going over 6k.

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  • 16 weeks
    Chapter 11 is live!

    Alright so Chapter 11 is live for Ranger of Seamane, and for those who haven't seen it yet we now have a proper coverart thank to the talented Willowisp.

    Anyways, with the North American heatwave going on I hope everyone takes care to stay cool and hydrated.

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Fallout: Equestria The Ranger of Seamane Redux · 4:15am Mar 15th, 2020

Hello, I have been gone from this site for... Well that isn't important. So, I had at some point in the past said that The Ranger of Seamane would return. Well, it is and it is almost here. In a few hours it will be submitted for approval. Now this isn't just a partial re-write it is a new story taking the original elements I had. I liked a lot of the original stuff I had come up with. However, I felt the original story was subpar. I had never really properly fully pinned down where the story was to go and it wandered about. Now? Now I have a pretty strong skeleton to build off of. I have a large chunk of chapters per-written that are going through rounds of editing and through the two prereaders as they have time. However, I do not have a release schedule in mind. While I would love for a chapter every two weeks, I am not going to commit to that. Maybe once I get into the full swing of writing, and maybe if I get some more prereaders to check over my work. Until then, things will be posted as done. However, soon, the story shall begin anew. There are a lot of changes from the original story to this. And, beyond that, I will preface this here, there are significant changes to the background lore of FO:E to make an attempt to deal with holes in world building. It isn't to besmirch Kkat and their original story, but, even they have said they wished they had added in a lot of things that came later in the seasons. They have been, with years of effort and collaboration massaged into the universe. I may make an article outlining all these changes later on.

For now, the tale of the Ranger of Seamane shall begin anew shortly. Prepare to see more of Moonlight Grimoire and some new faces.

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It’s back! :rainbowkiss:

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