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I enjoy writing with my friend, Ringmaster 1336. My profile picture was made by the very talented Lime Overtime. I have a soft spot for HiE stories. MadMaxtheBlack is my inspiration for writing.

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  • 239 weeks
    It's good to be back!

    *inhales deeply* Ah, you smell that?

    The smell of debauchery, clopfics, HiE stories and a random blogpost from some loser who thinks he can write.

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    Obligatory blog post bashing myself for going MIA again

    We really do need to stop meeting like this, don't we?

    For the gajillionth time, I'm sorry to all you amazing peeps for not uploading just about anything at all for another whole year! Believe me when I say I want to pump out chapters for these stories just as much as you guys have been wanting more chapters to be uploaded!

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    Had planned to upload a chapter last night, but...

    ...writer's block is a bitch. I got down a few thousand more words down on a DiE chapter, and a new Canterlot High chapter is in the works. I think I wanna do a few one-offs soon, they've really been my jam recently. Stay tuned.

    Deuces, guys!

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    Where I've been for the past year...

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It's good to be back! · 11:38pm Sep 17th, 2019

*inhales deeply* Ah, you smell that?

The smell of debauchery, clopfics, HiE stories and a random blogpost from some loser who thinks he can write.

In all seriousness, I've been jumping between fimfiction and my stories for the past few hours and its hard to believe I ever left, I love this so much and man, did I miss getting the creative juices flowing! I've got so many ideas I just cant wait to write out (don't worry, I'm not gonna start on them yet, I don't wanna spread myself too thin again.)

Speaking of new material, I've been missing those old rants I used to do; Furious Fridays. Did y'all enjoy those, should I bring them back, maybe under a different name so I wouldn't be pressed for time to upload every single week. Just a thought *shrugs*

I'm writing out the newest chapter of DiE right now, hopefully I can finish it up before work tonight, but I can't make any promises. What do y'all think of that story so far? Since its still in its early stages I wanna get your opinions on it, see of any adjustments need to be made.

I guess that's enough rambling for now... I'm off to write some more!

Deuces, guys!

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We missed you my dude

Thanks man, I'm so happy to see people still checking for updates, your commitment is amazing, much love!

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