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I am everything you've ever feared, disguised as a derpy little pony.

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  • 3 weeks
    Important Update

    Hey guys. So, I'm putting my newest story on hiatus until further notice. I have quite a bit of stuff going on in my life right now, and important work that needs to be done.

    Hopefully by the time I come back, I'll bring chapter 3 of my story with me.

    Talk to you later.

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  • 4 weeks
    Good Morning!

    Anything interesting happen while I was gone?

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    Caption Thi- ...never mind.

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    Caption This #6

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    Caption This #5

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10/10 would befriend · 12:52pm Jun 12th, 2019

Report IDontWatchMLP · 74 views · #Pinkie Pie
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Comments ( 6 )

Friends with benefits?

True for the friend part.
I'll pass on any special benefits though thank you.

Comment posted by SlacxtheMad deleted Jun 13th, 2019

Pinkie is the perfect friend

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