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    Hey guys, it's me.

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    Hey, guys. There's something I must tell you. When I watched 'Molt Down', I wasn't ready for Spike to have wings. As for my stories I'm going to release that include Spike, I might go back and forth with Spike not having wings and him having his wings in the stories I will release. I'm just letting you guys know that.

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Terrible Current Fanfic · 9:13pm May 22nd, 2019

Hey guys, it's me.

You remember my current fanfic "Neglected", don't you? I've been going over some thinking about that story, and I've decided to delete it, because it was rude to Spike fans. So, I just want to say to them that I'm so, so sorry about writing that. Besides, I love Spike, I would never do anything abusive to him, although I did and never meant to. I had an idea about a story based on "Sparkle's Seven" that it was going to be an aftermath story, but I now thought I should write an alternate universe story where Twilight actually wins the crown. So, again, I'm so sorry for writing that. Please forgive me.

But, if you don't forgive me, then I might as well quit writing fanfictions. But, if you guys do forgive me, I have a sweet story in store for you. And spoiler alert: it's a Big Mac x Sugar Belle story.

This is me signing off.

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The problem is, you made the characters out of character when Spike ran anyway. The ending felt rushed and made the whole fanfic a waste of time. Spike already got what he earned in Twilight’s Seven and when you look back on the ending, it’s understandable since Spike was the little sibling in the family.

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