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EFNW 2019 Log II · 5:19am May 20th, 2019

Date: Sunday, May 19 2019
I went to the con on Saturday by light rail. I read math books and arrived for the P@D panel.

Now, this dude is GreyStrip. He has been involved in the fandom for the longest time, since 2012 to be precise. He is tall and handsome, and student at UW too. We sat there and listen to the panel. This time, Kenza, Pegasys, Faulty and Lycan held the panel, they decided to show case on of their project in FL. That is something new! Last year it was kinda boring. They also made a fascinating ppt presentation. I really want to make music just like them but I don't have time, not even this summer. I will pretty much fail my life in the US if I don't get a job, so that probably means say bye bye to bobbies that takes a long time to do.

So GreyStrip decided to attend the blackgryphon appreciation channel to bath in his glorious radiance. We (Nost, Grey) ate at tacos and split to attend different panels. Nost and me were in the Programmer's panels. Those programmers are totally professionals! I am absolutely not jealous. I joined the pony dev discord during the panels. They talked about a lot stuff that I don't really know. Things about changing the browser's compilers, or advance stuff about bugs in discord bots. A person like me who love programming but didn't end up learning it in school probably will have to wait and enter the industry years later.

After that 3 of us went to the Whooves Line panel. I was just sitting there and I cannot recalled what I was doing. Ah... I was waiting for Silver Quils panel about how the number 3, or three people to be precise, are represented in the collective unconscious and the show. Which is very interesting, he always has some of the most insightful interpretation on matters related to this. Partially due to his expertise on mythology, Greek philosophy and Carl Jung's psychology. The 1, monotone, 2 poplar, 3 the full self, 4th is the outside world.

So after that, Nost Decided to attend the Grand Galloping Gala, apparently he came back to dorm 3 am that day. He also managed to go to the con the next day earlier than me.... Somewhat inexplicable. I just went home and practically died on my bad after 10 pm.

I went to the last day of the con for Daniel's Autograph, I GOT IT! It's on my sheet music, written in silver marker. I also bought a lot of prints at the vendor hall because they are all half !

EFNW was not ending, it moved to Bellvenue in 2020. I am not sure how long I will continue stay in US, it depends on whether I can get a job or OPT after graduation.

Well that concludes everything, unbelievable, MLP FIM has been with me for all the time through my college years! :twilightsmile:

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