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TheIdiot Regarding: I SAW NEIL GAIMAN BACK ON SUNDAY! · 6:23am May 15th, 2019

Hello followers and readers! Count this as a small update (unfortunately delayed because of a focused two days) since I saw Neil Gaiman back on Sunday.

While I didn't get my question answered, or a picture with him like I had hoped, I was given something else: getting reassured. It was very reassuring to find out that there were about 199 other people who also had an interest in Mr Gaiman as I do.

Plus, I got a signed copy of Mr Gaiman's Norse Mythology book and an evening I won't forget. An evening where my favorite author read the first two chapters of Good Omens (rest in peace, Sir Terry Pratchett). Where my favorite author spoke about the history of Good Omens and the Amazon adaptation that's coming up (and how he got his two cameos; just pay attention to the movie theater scene). Where my favorite author recited poetry and read a short story about terrifying creatures in the darkness named click-clacks.

I got to learn why Mr Gaiman likes to keep coming to our little hamlet in Northern California. It's because his two grandkids (Sterling and Everett) live in this hamlet of ours (even if their names sound goyish). And I learned, thanks to one person calling out that he should sing, Mr Gaiman will only sing if his wife Amanda is on stage with him and playing a ukulele.

So, ultimately, I'd say that I got a lot out of this experience and I will cherish it. Hopefully one day I'll get that picture with Mr Gaiman.

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It sounds like you had a great time! Experiences like this truly make life worth living.

5059333 Yes, and also worth celebrating to a degree.

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